Google redesigns Google News tab on desktop browsers

Since Google first overhauled their mobile news app, it was inevitable that changes to desktop news search were coming. In a recent tweet from Google News Initiative, plans have been announced to to redesign desktop news search to match mobile platforms.

Google redesigns Google News tab on desktop browsers

Google say they have introduced this new design to organise articles in a more clear, coherent way that makes finding specific news easier. A preview of this new design change can be seen in the tweet:

Emphasis has been placed on prioritising reputable publishers rather than catchy headlines. Granular fine tuning is also reportedly available in fine tuning search results to current articles from publications. Pushes for this change have also come at a time when increased pressure from publishers exists to remove fake news. Subsequently allowing Google to better facilitate the needs of users.

New interface designs take time to adjust to, and people are certainly going to fondly miss the old Google News layout. Especially when the current news tab has been the same for years. However, this redesign does improve the consistency across platforms with the card layout already available on mobile platforms.

From the previews we have seen so far, prominent news publishers are highlighted in separate cards underneath the top search bar with a carousel that notes what people also search for. Spacing between each story has also greatly improved. Articles are not as tightly stacked on top of each other with more room for article previews and each card has more space to display larger images to attract attention.

Personal design tastes vary from person to person. Until the new design is fully implemented over the next few weeks, we will not know how effective these new changes are.