The Easy Guide to Recovering From Google Penalties

How to recover from any Google penalty?

It is possible that one day you suddenly find warnings in your Google Search Console account. If you don’t have such an account, you can find that the traffic to your website has dropped suddenly, seemingly without any reason. Of course, there is a reason and it is that you have been hit by a penalty from Google.

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Google penalties are not new. However, they certainly are a major hurdle towards your SEO efforts. When your website is hit with a penalty, the reputation of your website suffers and there can be a drastic drop in your earnings.

The Need for Penalties

Penalties are an unfortunate fact of life. However, they are meant for ensuring that the user has a good experience while searching. Google wants its users to find what they are searching for quickly. After all, there are over a billion people using Google for their searches.

Google has issued guidelines that the webmasters are supposed to follow. This allows Google to make sure that the users are delivered with relevant and appropriate results. When webmasters do not follow the given guidelines, either unintentionally or intentionally, they end up hurting the results delivered to the users. This is why Google ends up penalising them.

What Are the Effects of a Goggle Penalty?

There are many ways to determine if you have been hit with a penalty by Google.

  • penaltyIf you use the Google Search Console, you can notice that there are warnings in it. Google Search Console is the new name for the Webmaster Tools.
  • Your PageRank will drop down to zero.
  • A significant number of your webpages can get deindexed.
  • You can notice that there has been a drop in the traffic for certain keywords you have been using.
  • In the worst cases, the entire site can get deindexed from Google.

Fixing the Penalty

Before you can start fixing the problems, you will need to find out the reason why you got the penalty in the first place. Only then you can start fixing it. Here are some of the more common reasons.

Unnatural Links

Unnatural links can occur from a number of sources. Here are some of the more common ones.

  • They can be an article that has been created with a word spinner or it has a very poor quality.
  • They can be from forum profiles.
  • They can be from generic sites that do not look as if they are a real brand.

Determine which are the unnatural links and eliminate them.

blogContent Issues

There are quite a few types of content issues such as duplicate content or poor quality content. You have two options. You can either rewrite the entire content. Alternatively, you can delete the entire thing.

These are only some of the issues which cause a penalty. Similarly, you need to identify the root cause of the problem and rectify it. Ensure that you document all the fixes you made. Once done, you need to file a reconsideration request with Google. You will need to mention the fixes you performed and how you will prevent them from happening again.

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