Try Google Authorship to Beef Up SEO

Mobile and Video are More Important in 2015

Google authorship is another good strategy for search engine optimization that SEO Australia business owners should plan to follow in 2015. Since Google puts out frequent changes to their algorithm for rating websites, Google authorship gives website owners a way to classify a page or a post as their own work, so that Google knows it. This means that those particular posts or pages get highlighted in the search engine results, and some information about the author or owner is also added. This helps in getting better SEO ratings for your website pages.

It’s not news that most people are using smart phones these days to connect to the online world of websites. But this trend isn’t going to end, and if you want proper SEO, then your business website has to have proper usage of pages that support not only smart phones, but also tablets and other mobile devices. Thus, web owners must make sure their sites are search engine optimization ready for mobile search capabilities.

Plus, your sites will need more video, since people these days are more swayed by good-quality video in this on-the-go, fast-paced internet world. Video Search Engine Optimization is a great way to get traffic coming to your website, as YouTube is now the 2nd-largest search engine after Google.

Social Media Still Vital in 2015

Social media has always been important regarding SEO, but it will be even more so in 2015. Two top sites of interest this year are Pinterest and Google +. Be sure that your site is using these social networks, as well as the old standbys of Facebook and Twitter, to interact with your customers and potential customers.