How To Improve Your SEO Rankings With Videos

Recent discussions around mobile revolutionising the Google search engine optimisation (SEO) market, have now paved way for the next big thing – videos. Videos make up a significant portion of all Internet traffic, and are expected to grow even further. In fact, video popularity has spread into the marketing world with more companies’ spending money on video advertising.

video content

Videos are a new and exciting way to help boost your SEO.

Many SEO marketing experts have accepted the fact that website ranking must take a long-term approach, rather than applying quick short-term fixes that could result in Google penalties. High quality content will attract more links naturally over time, and videos have a big part to play in that. If used smartly, videos can turn into the most powerful content form, and can deliver high returns on your SEO strategy.

Why Is Video Effective For Businesses?

Video advertising has soared in popularity because people tend to retain visuals much more than written words. Research by Forrester approximates that 1.8 million text words are equal to a single minute of video – heralding a new focus on video as a key marketing platform for SEO teams.

So why is video effective for businesses?

  • Consumers retain video content much more than written content.
  • A majority may undertake some follow-up action because of their video retention ability.
  • Videos are often viewed more favourably as a way to demonstrate a product’s efficacy.
  • Online videos can help businesses boost their reputation.
  • Videos can boost conversions and sales, while delivering good return on investment.
  • Google views videos favourably due to longer exposure online.
  • Videos appeal to mobile, desktop and tablet users alike.
  • Videos can increase email campaign click-through rates.
  • Videos help communicate your offerings in an innovative and fresh manner.

At the end of the day, Google values quality content above all else – whether you use video or text for your business. Don’t just make videos for the sake of it. Pay close attention to the quality you deliver from your video content for the best business results.

video content

You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment to produce a quality video.

Understanding How To Drive Video Effectiveness Into Business Value

While videos are clearly effective from a business point of view, companies must be clear about what they want out of them. Without proper planning and strategy, it can be difficult to conceptualise effective ideas that captivate your target audience.

What should businesses do to ensure that they derive the right video strategy in order to increase business strategy?

  • Understand the clear call to action they desire from their video content – generation of social shares, building links, increase sales conversions or develop databases.
  • Creating engaging videos that will compel consumers to undertake the desired action.
  • Deciphering the kind of content that will appeal most to the target audience.

Making videos requires creativity and understanding of consumer behaviour. Video advertising has become more widespread, and is certainly more cost-effective than ever before.

Technology has enabled businesses to take their content across the globe, so they are now able to reach out to more and more prospective customers. Mastering these components will allow businesses to create advertising marvels at lower costs than ever before.

Video enables SEO experts to increase the time visitors spend on their websites. When visitors spend more time on a website, Google views it as trustworthy and will likely push it up in rankings. In fact, you’re more likely to get ranked up in Google if you have videos embedded in your website or linked from your website to YouTube, since Google owns this channel.

quality content

Reach more potential customers with video!

Adding YouTube videos, apart from website videos could also have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. Certain video strategies could further boost your SEO efforts on Google:

  • Keep Video Content Simple and Short – Videos don’t have to be jazzy with plenty of special effects or long in duration. Simple and short, but powerful content could have an even greater impact.
  • Consider Animations – Animations drive visual appeal and can attract more viewers to your website.
  • Reduce the Amount of Words Used – Video is a powerful visual tool, allowing you to reduce the amount of words you use to explain your content.
  • Link Videos to Call to Action Pages – Videos are powerful, but they are meaningless if you fail to link them to your call to action pages like ‘sign up’ pages or ‘buy now’ pages.
  • Use Impactful Images – Visual power is what drives the effectiveness of videos, so make sure you use impactful images that captures attention when delivering content to users.
  • Include Influencers – If you can find influencers who will support your content on their own websites, then Google will view this favourably and will push your rankings upwards.

The quality of your video content will make it stand out from competition, so make sure you have a clear call-to-action so that you build your site’s authority with new mentions, links and endorsements.

Valuable Ways Video Can Improve Your SEO For More Users To Find

Have a great video? That’s fantastic! But can someone actually view it? No point in having a good video if no one can find it.

seo experts

Having a quality video is the first step, next you have to know where to put it!

Here are some ways to help you improve your SEO efforts using video:

1. Integrate Video into Your Website

The presence of a video can automatically boost the rankings of a website because it provides a great deal of content, without the same number of words required. Video adds to the media mix and indicates that your website has rich content related to search engine requests. As consumers continue to watch more videos, search engines will boost rankings of websites that adopt these best practices.

2. Integrate Keywords into Video Descriptions

The best way to gain traction is to integrate keywords into your video descriptions. This allows search engines to identify the relevancy of your video to specific search results. Use keywords in video titles, descriptions, names and tags to boost your video SEO with search engines.

3. Have a Sitemap for your Video

Always make sure you have a sitemap for your video. A video sitemap is essentially a text file that includes valuable information about your video content. When you submit this to Google, you are describing the details of your video, including run time, audience, age appropriateness, rating and other information that will impact its indexation.

4. Link your Video to a YouTube Channel

Keep in mind that Google owns YouTube. Linking your video to YouTube could have a powerful impact on your SEO efforts. Exposure to this channel could open up major doorways for your business because of the higher ranking you’ll likely get in the future.

You can even create a specific YouTube channel and backlink to your website from there. Since videos communicate valuable information in a short span of time, they can create good backlinks to your website.

quality content

Link your videos to YouTube.

5. Reduce the Load Time of your Videos for Better On-Page Performance

On-page performance is a key criterion for Google when ranking websites. Slow load times can negatively influence the overall user experience. This will result in lower SEO rankings because of the high turn away rates from users. By reducing the load time of videos, users will tend to stay on for longer, which in turn improves your SEO rankings.

6. Go Social and Invite Shares to Reach out to More Users

The more viral a video goes, the more powerful an impact it will have on your Google ranking. Getting users to interact with your video content by liking, commenting and sharing will drive further traffic to your website, which will once again positively influence your search engine ranking.

7. Use Proper Video Titles

Titles make people click on your video, but don’t over dramatise what you’re offering with embellished titles because people don’t like lies. If they click on the video and it promises something else, they will be quick to move away. Higher bounce rates will eventually hurt your ranking in Google, even if you get a good number of click-throughs at the start.

8. Work with SEO Video Experts

While it’s easy to assume that you know how to make a good video, SEO experts who utilise this strategy understand it best because they make it their job to. Consider working with SEO professionals who can help add value to your video and improve your website’s SEO.

seo experts

Video SEO experts can help you take your video to the next level.

In Conclusion

Videos will continue to increase in influence on SEO rankings because of how easy it is to connect and interact with them, which is why they should be incorporated into any online marketing strategy. Quality video content will ultimately help to improve your SEO approach, which can be worth more than any hacks and tips you dig up from elsewhere.

Once you’ve started your strategy with quality content, apply the tips above to make sure you get your key messages noticed – both by search engines and users. Always supplement your online strategy with video if you want your search rankings to climb up.

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