What are the Five Updates of Google Algorithm All About?

Google Algorithms

algorithmDo you know what are Google Panda, Penguin and Pigeon? Have you ever heard of the thing called Mobilegeddon? If you are concerned about the SEO of your website then you need to check on these things. The terms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Mobilegeddon are the methods which Google ranks the site. If you are not aware of these then you might land in some danger.

Detailed analysis of all the Google algorithm updates have been given below.


This update from Google focused on producing better and high quality result along with some relevant contents that will be desired by the search engines. With this update you will be able to avoid a penalty if need to avoid any kind of duplicate content. Also, make sure that you add a no-index tag to the page on the website. This way Google spider will not penalise the website for a single page. The load time of the website should also be improved to avoid penalty. Make use of more visual contents and guide. You have to access your site if the bounce rate is more than 60%.


penguinThe main aspect with this update was to limit and also to discourage illogical use of all outbound and inbound links. If you do not want to get penalised then you need to avoid including large quantity of links from irrelevant and low quality sources that point towards the website. You also should not purchase any links. Keyword stuffing needs to be avoided at all cost. The content should be written keeping the viewers in mind. Also, f you use too much of SEO then you are sure to be penalised. You have to make sure that the website is a trustworthy one for the users.


This Hummingbird update Google was to understand the queries of the users in a better way. This would result in more useful and better results in the search engine. With this update the long-tail query needs to have a better understanding of the meaning of all the queries. The content of the website should be conversational just because it is in line with the query of the user. The site also needs to be mobile optimised because of the growing popularity of mobiles. The content should be written keeping the readers in mind. You need to captivate them with the content.


PigeonThis update focused on providing relevant, useful and fast query result to the viewers. In order to avoid the penalty of Hummingbird update you need to provide consistent name, phone number and address on the website. You should also get listed in the directories. You also need to get good reviews from the customers. Employ some good back-link strategy on your website.


This update of Google was primarily to prioritise the websites that have been optimised for mobile devices. In order to avoid penalty of this update you have to keep a check on the traffic of the website. You also need to make sure that you website is mobile friendly and optimised. Keep the site updated all the time.