Your Global SEO Strategy

How to start International SEO and Social Media campaigns

Change does not come spontaneously or unconsciously. There is always a very rooted natural urge towards change that is inherent in all men. Additionally, the change that man seeks consciously is always geared towards improving.

Many people have been using local or national SEO campaigns to grow their businesses locally. Many of them have registered blistering success in the process, but have now decided to take things to the international scene. You are absolutely correct if you have this dream. However, before you launch a successful international SEO campaign, you must have these principles handy.

Be precise with each market

The number-one focus should be your market. One mistake that will haunt any marketer is to believe that all things are the same. No! There are several diversities in people’s needs and preferences in life, and these are particular for different countries, regions and races. So, for you to succeed in this campaign, you have to go country by country. Single out one area, capture them, and get to the next country. If you throw it open, it will be as shallow as it sounds.

International website

seo socia mediaThere are some dynamics about international sites which you take into serious consideration. You can decide to use an individual domain or sub-domains, or even a combination of both. Any way you do it, make sure your activity is a consistent one. You also have to employ this on your site. For instance, if you make use of the same site, but with different languages, you must ensure that it is designed in such a way that the sub folders having the different languages are easily located and used by visitors.


Another great thing you must consider when going international is the keyword. The fact remains that the keyword which people use in your own region or country might be completely different from that which is used in another country, whether of the same language or not. In this case, you must ensure that you engage in a detailed local keyword research. The best way of doing this is by using the services of native speakers.


Of course, this is also obtainable even in the local scene. There are competitions all over the globe, and these international competitors are normally brutal with their business and SEO strategies. Before you ever go international, you must look at the competition you will encounter on the global scale. You have to spy on their marketing strategies, efforts, prices and rates. Things might differ from the traditional methods you know.

Local content creation

The same way you do local keywords is the way you should do local content creation. By this, I mean that you do not translate the same content and place it on all the sites. You have to design and develop a special website and content for each country, considering the peculiar business attributes of the country.

Local social media marketing

Do not presume anything here. There are countries where the popular western social media like Facebook are third in the row. You need to find the most popular ones in those countries and use them.