How to get on the First Page of Google

Figuring out how to get on the First Page of Google

Given the right term, and providing a person spreads their name wildly over the internet, anyone can get onto the first page of Google without the aid of any SEO service. In fact many search words do not even bring up a full page of terms. Not that people are particularly interested in those terms, they want the common terms.

Probably the way that has greatest likelihood of success is simply to advertise your product or service, or if neither is applicable, yourself. Even if you pay to be on the first page on Google you may not be there for every search-it depends on how many other people are bidding on that search term.

There are estimated first page bids which show how much the cost per click is for a given keyword. Top page bids shouldn’t be confused with first page bids, they are higher up results.

The ads that appear above the results get more hits than the ads to one side. It’s comparable with a star name headlining in a music hall act and those who are to one side of the big name.

Google – the First Search Engine

No doubt Google Labs have experiments (or if not Google Labs, some other part of Google) into where on a screen or a tablet visitors look at. Although everyone uses Google the statistic. It was found that 91% of search engine users find their information using Google or similar seems dubious. I haven’t always found the right information by using Google and any way am I always a search engine user? Also I may be looking for a photo or video.

They may be confusing finding information with finding the right information. It’s probably more likely to be 68% or so. It may seem that I’m going off on a tangent, but it’s no good using Google if you don’t find the information. An SEO company must understand how Google works. Although topless stunners-female ones-had a thing about page 3, or used to-most Google searchers do not look at it. But a tiny minority may want to-if pages 1 or 2 don’t interest you. Since the pages look similar, you may not get that far.

Some companies have a money back guarantee on getting on the first page, but most independent freelancers do not. Some other companies may offer a money back guarantee on top page promotion. There’s usually a catch with free promotions-so be wary of these sort of others. There’s no such thing as a free lunch is a useful saw to remember for an SEO company. You kind of need to have keywords which are useful to you. It’s also no use if you don’t have well searched for keywords.

You need to ask yourself-can you offer the same value as the opposition or cheaper than the people currently on page one? Maybe you offer extras or feel you offer better quality. If you don’t think you can maybe you need to research what you could offer?

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