Basic Facts about SEO and SEO Articles

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation

Many people only hear a little about SEO, and while many know that SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, they do not know the actual facts about SEO.

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithmFor you to get it right with SEO, you must understand how SEO works, or the rudiments of SEO. SEO is the method used in ranking websites by determining the usefulness of the sites to the visitors, which in turn determines how visible the websites are made to visitors.

Google achieves this through a process called crawling. In this process, Google uses a set of algorithms to determine the activity and usefulness of your site. It sends out a set of “spiders” that engage in the crawling of your site with up to 100 criteria, ranging from the number and strength of back links, the freshness and consistency of contents, the age of the domain, the amount of traffic, and other factors.

When these spiders are happy or satisfied with what they see, they rank the website highly. However, if they are not, the website will remain lowly ranked or even penalized if it breaches any of the laid-down rules. So, in simple explanation, SEO on the part of marketers means the practice of employing different methods and systems to ensure that these crawling spiders are happy with your site and the activities going on on your site.

How can you have good SEO?

Get a domain and hosting

Just like we have said before, SEO means making sure that you dance to the tune of Google crawlers, to get highly ranked. So if you want to rank highly, the number one thing you have to do is to get a website. The use of WordPress and other blogs might not augur well with you, because Google does not rank them highly. You need to get a domain name, and possibly your own hosting. Google views specialized domain names and proper websites as being more trustworthy and secure for serious people.

Post original content

The next thing that will please the Google crawlers is if you post original articles on a constant basis. The fact is that Google is the number one search engine and wants to remain so. Because of this, it has an obligation to present the best, most meaningful and most problem-solving content to its visitors. So, if you want to be a partner in this, you have to ensure that the articles you have on your site are very meaningful before they can be shown to people. When you post content that solves a lot of problems or answers people’s questions, you will experience a lot of visitors. This makes Google favour you.

Build back links

This is perhaps one of the best ways you can get good results from SEO. Back links are situations where a link on another website directs to your own website. When another website links back to your own site, your ranking by Google goes up. However, you have to ensure that these links are natural. Do not buy them. Make yourself an authority in one field through meaningful articles, and start guest-blogging. However, make sure your links are on the guest blog posts. You have to make sure that the anchor text used on the hyperlink is highly appropriate and related to your niche or the subject of your guest blog post.

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