Facebook updates authentication options for improved security

Facebook is now adding new systems to improve account security for its users, with more two-factor authentication options now being made freely available. Facebook has simplified the entire two-factor authentication creation process, making it much easier for users to comprehend and input their verification options.

Facebook updates authentication options for improved security

Photo: TeroVesalainen, Bigstock

Now when users navigate to the two-factor authentication area in their Facebook settings, they’ll be able to add a phone number and update their information quickly and easily while also being able to view all of their security information within the same page.

As an addition, users will also get the ‘Authentication App’ option, enabling two-factor authentication without the need to add a phone number. This ability to carry out two-factor authentication without a phone number is going to make the process easier for users in developing nations where not everyone has a mobile phone.

Another addition works to allow users to create recovery codes or a security key to add some extra levels to their account security.

As social media becomes a more important part of the digital landscape, it’s important that users are able to secure their accounts easily so they can avoid being hacked by unscrupulous agents. With more people accessing the internet, the individual threat to account security increases and this update from Facebook is a step in the right direction.

While Facebook account security may not seem like a big deal, it’s worth acknowledging what you might lose access to if you got hacked. It’s especially scary if you have a business page on Facebook.

Now that two-factor authentication has been made easier, there’s less of an excuse for people not to take advantage of it. It’s also prudent for people to check their login history to see where and when a suspicion connection may have occurred.