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A Decline in Facebook Page Likes

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When you are a social media management professional, the number of likes on your Facebook page is important and needs to be as accurate as possible. However, you also want your likes to be as high as possible for exposure. What if you were to find out that for years your Facebook page likes have been inaccurate, leading you and your investors to believe that you had more likes than you really did? Some would be mad because they want accurate metrics in order to have accurate data to establish just how well their social media is working. Others would be mad because once this error is corrected, their follower count would dip slightly.

Unfortunately, this was the case on Facebook for a while. The social media giant was lax in updating page likes for deactivated and memorialized Facebook pages, and subsequently a large amount of your page like counts were incorrect and higher than they should have been. Recently, the company decided to update the way they count likes and remove the additional likes that you have on your page from old accounts that are no longer using the website anymore. By changing the way that your Facebook likes are tallied, you can get a much more accurate number of what your marketing department is doing.

likeWhile it might look nice to have an extra 100 or so followers, if they are only from deactivated and memorialized accounts and aren’t real followers, you will never get an accurate count of who is following you and seeing your message. Finding out what the rate of engagement is with your audience will allow you to understand the group of people who is following you and best adjust your advertising policies. This will really help you find more people in your area to get your message out to and engage with new information.

How does this affect your social media campaigns?

If anything it makes your campaign more effective, as you aren’t believing that you should be able to reach over 10,000 people when you really only have 9,000 people following you on Facebook. It helps you understand if your method of social promotion is really working. Additionally, it helps you clean up your page and find new customers. This removal of surplus accounts really will help you find the information that you need in order to stay relevant in today’s social media–saturated world.

So, while there are many people worrying about this removal of inactive and memorialized friends from their Facebook page likes, people like us know that this is a good thing to keep us on task with making sure that we find new followers and new fans to like our pages. This will allow your company to remove any complacency from its marketing strategy and really get out there and ensure that people see your message and engage with your brand rather than resting on your laurels.