Facebook integrates new Home Services directory for Marketplace

Facebook has begun implementing a new options for its dedicated Marketplace feature, now featuring a ‘Home Services Professionals’ directory. The new directory is expected to be rolled out to all United States users within the next few weeks.

Facebook integrates new Home Services directory for Marketplace

Photo: PhotoMIX-Company, Pixabay

The directory will allow users to discover and connect with contractors for home services, such as plumbers, electricians and general handymen. These listings will be formulated through partnerships with Porch, HomeAdvisor and Handy as well as including star ratings.

It will also make it easy for users to get a quote for their job from within the app.

This new feature caters to a growing demand while also serving to further diversify the Facebook Marketplace, making the app more comprehensive and ultimately riper for user engagement.

It will definitely make Facebook more attractive to contractors who are seeking new ways to find clients and they may already have their services registered with the discovery platforms Facebook is partnering with. These new options will become more important for contractors if more and more users begin engaging with it to find the services they need.

The Facebook Marketplace has proved to be a unconventional project for The Social Network. Something that started as a competitor to popular swap and sell platforms as well as user run groups within Facebook itself has been expanded greatly with new features, such as dedicated areas for the sale of certain items like cars and rental property.

Facebook’s integration of all-new, in-app purchasing options, one being a partnership with PayPal, has also been focused on P2P transactions rather than traditional eCommerce alternatives. This has put Facebook Marketplace in an interesting position where it could be the gateway to Facebook enabling complete shopping functionality on their platform.

Facebook definitely isn’t shy about exploring these options. Marketplace may prove the be the opportunity Facebook needs to expand into a more dominant platform that will attract more and more business to work with it.