Best Ways to Get the Most of Your Facebook Advertisements

These days if you want to achieve a higher level of quality followers on your Facebook page, then you are probably going to have to use Facebook advertisements.

However, because these advertisements cost money it is important to understand the best tips to ensure you get the most out of them.

Just simply creating an advertisement for Facebook without putting in the time, effort or research will ensure that they will perform poorly and you will essentially be wasting your money.

Facebook ads

5 best ways to get the most out of your Facebook advertisements

sign up button1. Always include call to action

Including a call to action button in your social media advertisement is very important. This is because it has the ability to have a substantial impact on important factors including the advertisement conversion rate and the click through rate.

There are a few different call to action buttons to choose from, so it is essential that you choose the correct one for your advertisement. The different options include Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, Download and Shop Now.

If you feel as though more than one of these options is appropriate, you can place the options in different advertisements and use the results to determine which call to action option is best.

2. Place advertisements on the news feed

When creating your advertisement you have the option as to where you would like your advertisement to be displayed (you will have to install and use Power Editor – it’s free!). It is recommended that you place your advertisements on the news feed (on both desktop and mobile devices) because this is where you are more likely to see the most traffic.

The statistics are especially promising for advertisements on the news feed on mobile devices as the number of users on Facebook with their phone makes up 60 % of total users.

3. Make use of the video function

The video function on Facebook has become a very powerful tool for advertising. Although it takes a lot more effort to create a video advertisement, many businesses are jumping on board because of the high engagement results.

Video ads

Using a video, you can also easily encourage users to comment or share your advertisement with others.

It is important to create a relevant video and to remember that this video is an advertisement for your business so there needs to be a focus on selling a product on your website (or the brand as a whole).

4. Use different photographs

Photographs are essentially the most important part of the advertisement because this is what Facebook users will look at first. The photograph will determine if the users would like to read your advertisement.


Therefore, it is important to test out different photographs to see which one works best. Once you have the results for the best photograph, you should stick with that style and keep finding similar pictures to ensure consistency.

5. Make use of right-column advertisements

This is more than just placing advertisements in the news feed, but also on the right hand side of the news feed (you have probably seen these advertisements).

The structure for right hand advertisements is different to that of the news feed advertisements, so it is important you understand how it works. Who you are looking to target will also determine if right-column advertisements are for you!


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