How engagement with social media helps SEO

How does social media engagement help your SEO? With Google’s ever-changing and secretive algorithm and the fast-paced nature of web content today, search engine optimisation is a tricky game to get your head around.

There are many factors which determine the ranking of your content on search engine results so it’s important to consider all aspects of SEO – even those that aren’t as visible and evident in boosting your company’s site!

How engagement with social media helps SEO

Digital marketing via social media is important, but how useful is it for SEO? Photo:, Unsplash

One obvious tool businesses are struggling to optimise is social media. The impact that online customer engagement channels can have on your business’ web content is huge! But there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding how it can be optimised and what is the best social media strategy to have.

And it’s right for there to be – the relationship that social media and SEO have isn’t completely straightforward. To utilise your customer engagement channels to their fullest potential, you need to understand what exactly it is that social media does for your company’s web results.

After all, social media websites are some of the most active, engaged sites on the internet today. These hubs for viral content, trends, and worldwide engagement contain tons of potential in terms of market, customer base and visibility for your business.

With 2.2 billion active users monthly on Facebook and 800 million active users monthly on Instagram – there’s no doubt about it, these websites are a big deal!

To help you in your process of boosting your company’s SEO, here are some important factors for you to consider when optimising your customer digital engagement channels.

Social media engagement helps SEO by spreading your content

It’s important to note social media engagement by itself does not guarantee an increase in search engine rankings. When your post gets shared on Facebook, or retweeted on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that your SEO is automatically boosted by this.

A key effect of your content’s traction on online engagement channels like Facebook or Twitter is its result in more external links to your website. For example, if your Facebook post is shared extensively, more people might see it. Of these people, some might decide they want to link to your website on their external site.

Your chances of being externally linked on other website increases with the circulation of your posts on social media sites. This improves your SEO as it boosts your content’s ranking.

Basically, engagement on social media will lead to engagement on the internet as a whole. By drawing people in with your content on sharing websites like Facebook and Twitter, you create a bigger audience and increase your visibility.

With this increased audience and visibility, there’s an increased chance of people being interested in your content enough to link to it on their external site – which helps your website’s SEO.

It sounds like a convoluted process, but so much potential for your website’s increased SEO results lies in these online sharing websites. Remember – Google’s algorithm seeks organically engaging content – which is why SEO can be so tricky to navigate.

But remember, you can always source SEO experts to manage your social media content and engage your customers so that your business can focus on providing its product and service!

Social sharing helps your brand authority

How engagement with social media helps SEO

The more widely shared your content is, the higher you brand’s authority will soar. Photo: Pikselstock, Bigstock

People sharing your content on social media sites indicates to Google that your content is being engaged with, contributing to your brand authority.

Of course, this works better on a large scale basis – when there are hundreds and thousands of people liking and sharing your content. But social sharing has great implications for your business! It allows your posts to travel to a far larger audience and engages customers in a unique way from traditional advertising.

The most important thing to remember is that your content should be good. Don’t invest in superficial engagement – make sure that people really are interested in the content you are putting out there.

This can be hard to manage especially when you don’t possess the knack for online content, but it’s an easy fix with the existence of SEO and social media management specialists. Many businesses source their social media management to SEO experts who are trained in online sharing sites and know how to connect with your audience.

When people connect with your posts, it helps you build a relationship between them and your brand, making it more likely to them to gravitate towards your business when they require a product or service.

People engaging in your social media content generate more visibility and attention for your business’ content, which can boost your SEO!

Branded searches will boost your SEO

When customers search for your branded items, it can boost your business’ rankings in search engine results for general keywords. For example, say your business sells sunglasses and a lot of people are using the search phrase of ‘your business name’ and ‘sunglasses’ on Google.

If people are entering and staying on your business’ website as a result, Google takes into account that your web content is being engaged with and those who search for sunglasses are satisfied with your business.

This boosts your business’ website ranking for the general search term of ‘sunglasses’. It also makes it worthwhile to engage social media sites like Instagram, which have a less streamlined external linking feature – people who are attracted to your product on Instagram are likely to search for it online to reach your website and order it.

Social media engagement is great for your website’s SEO results as it increases the buzz around your business, meaning more search instances and better keyword rankings!

Improve your SEO by increasing and retaining your audience

How engagement with social media helps SEO

Social media is a great way to build and maintain a consistent audience. Photo: Jaelynn Castillo, Unsplash

One of the key transformative features of social media sites is their ability to build and grow your customer base – which is great for improving SEO!

Social media websites are a particularly great way to establish customer rapport as they introduce a modern way of reaching your audience, instead of traditionally disruptive forms of advertising.

Through online sharing websites, businesses can reach customers who are looking to be entertained or willing to spare a few minutes reading their content. With the increasing presence of business on social media, customer engagement is easier than ever – your customer may even seek out your content to keep updated on your deals and business information.

The fact of the matter is that people are incredibly engaged on these online sharing sites, and the amount of online communities within these global hubs can create a snowballing effect when it comes your digital content’s SEO.

Utilise all facets of social media – advertise your events, deals, and general information – it helps your audience get to know your brand and builds a sense of authenticity around your business. Posting on a regular basis positions your business as accessible to its customers and reminds them of your services!

Social media engagement has become increasingly impertinent for your business to stay relevant and engaging to your market. This can be tricky if you’re unsure of how to optimise your social media posts and your online strategy. With the rise of SEO and social media management services, capturing your customer base is easier than ever.

Sourcing marketing help for your social media content contributes toward your brand name and increases the visibility of your business – it opens up avenues like word of mouth, faster customer service, and more engagement with your market, which does great things for your SEO!

Skipping the traditional advertisements

With the evolution of digital marketing, marketers work harder and smarter to increase audiences and visibility. Through avenues like social media, your business can increase the trust and familiarization with your brand and skip traditional disruptive forms of advertising.

It’s been proven that people are less likely to click on obvious advertisement banners, or less likely to engage in content that is obviously advertising something. Because of this, social media and SEO have become increasingly important in boosting your business’ visibility!

Let’s face it – when you search for something, you’re hardly going to consider all the hundreds of pages that might satisfy your desire for a product or service. This is why SEO is so important – it boosts your business to the very front.

By increasing brand presence on social media and creating buzz for your company through content which looks the same as any other post on Facebook or Instagram, you can create a connection between you and your customer base. This encourages your company’s growing presence on the internet and boosts your potential customers and sales.

With the constantly evolving modern commerce world and the increased digitalisation of daily routine, it’s more and more important to utilise social media for your business’ visibility online.

When it comes down to the future of business, the answer lies in the growing digitalisation of commerce. With social media sites constantly expanding and the number of internet users increasing constantly, digital optimisation is crucial to being competitive in your market.

By connecting with your target market through social media, you can increase awareness and boost the SEO results of your business’ web content. This leads to avenues in increased visibility, a larger audience, and an improved brand presence, which all contributes to more sales and customers.

The benefits of online content may be harder to pinpoint, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. In today’s world, it is necessary to work smarter and innovate in order to ensure your sustainable success.

With more and more companies utilising social media, it’s important that you consider its role in helping the SEO of your business!

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