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How to Engage Readers

Keep your posts interesting

When you are writing informative blog posts for your customers, you will want to ensure that the language and mechanics of your posts are engaging to the reader. The best way to do this is to make certain that the writing uses a lot of tools to keep it interesting. In order to keep it interesting, you want to use questions, examples, and descriptive language. Not only do you need to do some things, there are a few things that you should avoid, namely clichés and keyword spamming.

Use Questions
The first tip for writing an engaging blog is to use questions. Using questions will help your reader to feel as though they are a part of the writing. It will allow you to make more of an impact than if you just talk at them. Give them something to do when they are reading your blog posts. Give them something to think about. However, you always want to ask a question that you can easily answer in the next sentence or so; never ask a long, convoluted question of the reader, as that the reading more difficult. The more difficult the blog post is to read, the less likely it will get read.

exampleUse Examples
Another thing that you should do is make sure that you use examples. For example, say that you are writing about how you can use widgets to build houses. You’ll want to give a few examples of how you can use widgets in the building of houses. Maybe you can use them to build windows or something; the point is, use examples so that the reader can picture it in their mind.

While writing Use Descriptive Language

Yet another way to keep your reader engaged in your writing is to use descriptive language. If you are talking about a house made from widgets, talk about the metallic colour of the widgets and give some descriptions of how windows look when made with widgets. This allows the reader to visualize it in their mind, which gets them more excited about the product or service that you are selling.

Avoid Clichés
One thing that you should avoid when you are writing is clichés. No one wants to read something they’ve heard a million times. Certain, once-popular phrases have become useless in writing these days, due to overuse. People want to hear new phrases that they can turn into memes, so make your writing memorable and write using original sentences.

spamAvoid Keyword Spamming
Another thing that you should avoid when writing blogs is keyword spamming. While you want to keep a lot of search engine optimisation on your page, you do not want to use any word too much, or your page can be delisted from search engines for keyword spam. Not only should you avoid using keyword spam for SEO purposes, but it is also annoying to the reader. The reader wants to hear something new and not read the word widgets over and again, if widgets were, for example, your keyword. Try to use different words, or synonyms, to help your writing not sound repetitive.

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