Secrets to Selecting Highly-Effective SEO Keywords

Know the value of keywords

It is no crime to say that SEO is keywords, and keywords are SEO. So whenever you get the keywords right, you will be doing great in your SEO. Keywords are very important, invaluable really, in search engine rankings. They can never be ignored in any way, and for you to select the keywords that will give you great positive effects in your search engine and online marketing, you must know these facts.

You must get good information on the importance of keywords and why you need them. It is only when you know what the keywords will do for you at any given time that you will find value in the ways of getting the most effective ones.

Use key phrases

If you want to get the most effective keywords, you have to focus on good phrases. Most times, the searches are not conducted with simple words. They come either in phrases or sentences. If you know those phrases with which you will conduct your own search in a layman’s sense, use them as keywords.

Use specific search phrases

best keywordsThe fact is that the competition is intense in the SEO world today, so the most effective keyword is the one that does not get you swallowed or subsumed in the crowd. Google is in the habit of profiting firms that have keywords similar to their website names. However, since you cannot necessarily afford such URL names because you do not have the funds, you have to avoid broad names or keywords, and narrow your choice to the specific ones that people search with. If you sell phones, you might not be able to get enough traffic by using “phones” as your keyword. However, when you bring it down to “Samsung mobile phones,” or “blackberry Smartphone,” you will see traffic coming in, as you have been removed from the crowd.

Keyword Repetition

Another thing you have to use is the concept of repetition. When you come to a particular field or for a particular product, there are keywords that indicate slight changes in meaning, which might give you better results. If you are selling football jerseys, and you use “soccer jerseys” and “soccer jerseys online,” they are the same. However, keywords like “white soccer jerseys” and “black soccer jerseys,” will give different results. Try the latter.

Know your competitor’s keywords

You will be wasting your time if you do not engage in business retreats and reviews. Take time to peep into the activities of your competitors. Look at those keywords that they make use of, the ones that give them good traffic. You can do this manually or with the use of tools. When you get to know their most-used keywords, use them for your own marketing. There is a tendency that you will get the type of traffic they get when you make use of same keywords. Some of their traffic might even be directed to your own site if you do this well.

Keyword review

Always engage in keywords review, wherein you look at the keywords that give you the best results. This can be done through the use of Google’s analytics tools, which show you the view and conversion rate of keywords. When you have this data, you will know the keywords to build on and the ones to jettison.

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