SEO Shark is a national technology company and independent publisher, specialising in search engine optimisation and digital marketing for over 15 years.  SEO Shark is also an independent publisher covering significant topics such as Technology and Digital Marketing.

Technology News Blog

With over 2 million news articles published online on a daily basis, we understand the need quality and informative news that feed our daily binge of information. SEO Shark runs an independent news blog that covers significant topics such as Technology, Business, Current Events and much more.

SEO Shark’s vision is to centralize essential news headlines and add value to its progress to exhibit an informative approach. Further, the website partners with various media outlets such as Reuters, and other news publishers to provide users a 360-degrees coverage.

To exercise credibility over the subjects we cover, SEO Shark works with professional journalists and researchers.

Our Writers

SEO Shark’s editorial team are journalists with qualifications in communications and digital marketing. They use their expertise to write authoritatively on a broad range of topics related to digital world and the technology that emerges from it.

Their goal is to grow and expand their readership by publishing articles that are not only well-researched, but are genuinely interesting. This means focusing on the topics that we know our readers really care about and ignoring those that they don’t.

This focus allows our team develop their expertise in the field while providing a reliable source of interesting industry news. Above all, we strive to make sure the information we provide is accurate and actually has something to say about the fate of the industry at large.

Through their combination of academic and professional experience, SEO Shark consistently provides its readers with information that’s relevant to their interests and aspirations. We are constantly seeking out new topics and areas of interest that we can explore on behalf of our readers and provide them with something a little different from time to time.

Our ongoing goal is to build and maintain one of the leading repositories of news and insight into the world of digital media, technology and search marketing. We deliberately set our sights high because of how confident we are in the ability of our editorial team to produce high quality, interesting content for our readers to enjoy, learn from and share with like-mined people.