How Domain Names Impact SEO & Social Media Marketing

Deciding on what domain name to use

Making a decision about the right domain name can be daunting. However, there’s no need to suffer sleepless night about this. It’s necessary to have a good name in mind before conducting a search. The name should relate to the particular website that will be optimised. The rule of thumb is to use the same domain name on all social media platforms. This will further enhance your online presence.

It’s necessary to have the main keyword as part of the domain name. This is very important for SEO purposes. It’s good to use available keyword search tools to generate proper keywords that sell. Once the keywords are selected, part of them can be included in the domain name in order to ensure quick SEO results.

Choosing a good domain name

It’s not a herculean task to choose a good domain name. The process can be very fast for people who build websites or do other legitimate business online. In any case, here are simple tips for choosing a good domain name for SEO purposes.

  • Domain names and internet conceptSelecting “.com” extension

It’s very important to go for the .com extension when choosing a domain name. This is because search engines often favor sites that use the extension. The .com extension is also very popular across the Internet. Millions of websites have been built using the extension.

  • Making it memorable

A domain name that will influence SEO must be memorable, short and simple. There’s no need to make the name verbose. It’s always important to choose a domain name that will impact SEO.

  • Relevance

There’s a need to go for a relevant domain name that will attract online visitors on daily basis. The name should also be relevant to the brand and the website involved.

  • User-friendly domain name

It’s vital to go for a domain name that can be very easy to spell by any person online. It’s not good to keep visitors guessing when they are trying to remember the name.

  • Authoritative domain names

Try to use a domain name that sounds authoritative. This makes the name trustworthy and functional when it is finally hosted.

  • Precision

Shorter domain names are highly recommended for SEO purposes. They must be very precise and easy to reach. A single word or two is good for the domain name.

In all, a good domain name, when chosen and bought, has great influence on SEO. It also determines the overall success of social media endeavors. The best of domain names can easily be secured through any of the reliable domain name registrars online.