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How Domain Name Choice Can Affect Your SEO

Make sure that your website is as efficient as possible

You want to make sure that you maximize your page in order to achieve the best possible search engine rankings due to optimisation. There are many approaches touted by supposed SEO experts on the subject, but only some of them will actually produce quality results in favour of your site. And sometimes they can’t do their job properly because of a misguided domain name.

Exact Match Domain Names

One way in which your domain name can affect your search engine optimisation is if you choose a domain name that matches the keywords that you are targeting. For example, if you are marketing widgets in Sydney, you might try and purchase for your website. One way to think about this is that you might rank higher in the search engine results if your name is the same as search terms that people are entering. However, since 2012 Google has fixed their algorithm to ensure that only high quality exact match domains are placed on the front pages of their search. This means that while you can help influence your results by purchasing a domain name comprised of your keywords, you still need to produce quality content.

Partial Match Domain Names

domain name extensions Another way to affect the ranking of your web page is to buy a domain name that partially matches your targeted key words. Let’s take our last example of widgets in Sydney. Instead of, you might purchase something like However, there are some studies and trends that are leading SEO experts to suggest that partial match domain names are not having as good an effect as they used to. But this should not discourage you, as there are still many success stories with partial match domains. They usually have high quality content in addition to a quality name.

Generic Top Level Domains

A new trend in the field of SEO is something called generic top level domains. Many experts are suggesting that top level domains, like .atl or .nyc for either Atlanta- or New York City–based businesses, are the next big thing in domain names. They believe this because using a top level domain like .nyc means the user can be assured that they are receiving information from a company that is in their area, so Google can provide their searchers with relevant local results.

There are a large number of different factors that come into play when optimising your webpage for search engines. This is why you need to make sure that, before you go out to purchase an exact match domain name, partial match domain name, or generic top level domain name, you do your research and try to ensure that you have quality content available to your users. This will help you find yourself at the top of the search rankings faster than if you had tried to game the system.

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