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Importance of SEO in Website Design

One important observation is that you can never run away from SEO. Either you do SEO on your website, or the other sites that link to yours are into SEO. Either way, you will always be affected by issues of SEO. Now, the fact that SEO is the in thing at the moment is making it very paramount that you design a successful and effective website; you must consider a lot of SEO principles, and ensure that these principles are part of your design.

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The first place where you can get involved with SEO in your web design is when you are choosing the domain or website name to use. Google search engines only see what you show to them, and when you show them specific things, their job becomes easier and more effective. This is why it is advisable to choose a domain or web name that directly relates to what your website is all about. If you are into “shoes,” you might find it difficult to get a web name that is “” In fact, even if you could, you would have to pay an enormous amount. However, don’t worry. If you cannot get such a name, you can go for similar ones or for long-tail names. A name that combines your keyword or niche with your business name is also good. You can go for This will also direct searches made with “shoes” to your website. You can also use numbers and other letters to differentiate your own site from the single-product web names.


The truth is that having a very strong SEO for your business starts from scratch, and the design of the website is the number-one port of call. The first thing to consider when designing a website is the keywords. Both your long-tail and short-tail keywords are embedded into the website in the design process, and it is these keywords that will take care of your ranking in the long run. You must get the use of keywords right in the design process. They must match with the keywords of the niche of the website. This will definitely increase your ranking and make you more visible.

Because of the importance of the keywords in what your website will be in the future, you must ensure that the key terms, both long and short tail, are embedded in the title tag, the meta descriptions, the menus, the navigations, the slogan of the business you choose, the graphic descriptions, and the alternative texts that you use when posting images. Other places you must use the key terms are in the titles that are placed in links, in the site map, in the foot-links, and even in the product copy or the primary page. Your bullet points and domain, coupled with the headings 1, 2and 3, are also involved.

Web interface and easy navigation

Another important part of SEO consideration in web design is that it makes navigation very easy. When all SEO methods are observed, and all images are compressed, loading, navigation and viewing become easier and clearer. This is an SEO method that will be important on your website.

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