Crucial SEO Metric

Topical Trust Flow Is a Crucial SEO Metric That Needs Your Attention

Conversion Rate Measuring the success of search engine optimization efforts has never been easy. Once upon a time, people used PageRank as the metric for their SEO success in Google. PageRank was the metric used by Google for ranking. It separated Google from other search engines and helped it become a success. However, Google does not consider PageRank anymore for giving out the rank in its results.

As such, it is now harder to find out if SEO efforts are working to the company’s advantage. However, a new metric has been developed to help experts and webmasters define their SEO success.

What Is Topical Trust Flow?

Majestic SEO has developed a new metric called Topical Trust Flow. It has been created to determine the relevancy of a website in a particular topic based on the links it has to the other websites.

The fact is that the evaluation process of Google’s algorithms has changed. Google does not determine the rank based on a few select variables. Although keywords are still crucial, their importance has certainly decreased. Content is gaining importance with good quality and relevancy being critical characteristics. Readability has become a ranking factor. The rankings given out to sites today are based on the value they provide to the user. The Trust Flow metric is meant for this value.

Tips for Leveraging Topical Trust Flow for SEO Success

If you take a look at the current SEO trends, you will realize that the latest changes to the algorithms of Google are all about the quality provided to the user. The results shown to the user are all relevant to the search topic. Therefore, using Trust Flow is necessary. Here are some tips for making the best use of it.

infuenceIncreasing Conversions

The Google Display network, on average, serves a whopping 1 trillion impressions every single month. By making use of managed placements, you get the ability to select the sites where you want your ads to be published. This can increase the conversions you gain from the Google Display network as well as other sources like Facebook Ads.

Using Top Influencers

Google is paying attention to the social media signals when delivering the search results. You need to start connecting with authoritative brands and people. They can help increase the reach of your business. Additionally, they can increase the number of links you earn through your content.

Improving Content Effectiveness

When you pay attention to Trust Flow you will find that content, with a larger number of words, are getting more shares and views. In other words, you need to start creating longer pieces of content if you want to reach out to more people. Articles that have a word count higher than 3000 get double the shares of articles will a lesser word count. Google’s algorithms ensure the relevancy of the content while delivering results to the users.

Trust Flow may be a new concept on the SEO horizon. However, it does have a few points that have already been proven to be effective.