The Best Methods to Create Your Own Images

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a photograph to accompany your social media post that isn’t copyrighted. A way of avoiding the issue of copyright is to use stock photo websites. However, most of the best stock photo websites cost money. You can use free stock photo websites, although these can be limiting and you still might not be able to find what you are looking for. If that is the case it may be best to create your own images.


The top four visual tools to create images for your social media posts

Pre-made Icons

pre made iconsThese can be very useful in creating an image because icons can easily express what you are trying to say. The program Flaticon gives you free right of use to over 100 000 icons. Due to the large number of icons you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Each specific icon is also likely to have variations. For example if you are looking for an email icon, you are likely to find it in different sizes and colours.

Fonts (if your picture has words)

You might not think it but the actual font on your picture evokes certain emotions. It is important to think about what emotion the font expresses. Fonts must match with both other fonts and the general theme of the picture. The program Femmebot helps to combine fonts with other fonts and the actual image to ensure you a getting the most out of your font.

Colour Scheme

With an idea of what you want in your head, it can be difficult to find the best colour scheme. Colours help convey your message so it is important to find the best scheme to match your message. Adobe has a free colour scheme finder that assists in finding the best colours for the visual content.


a frame

Sometimes the use of a frame bordering your image can be very beneficial in expressing your message. There are many apps and programs that can assist in creating these frames (for example Pic Collage and PicMonkey). Frames can also help you incorporate a few separate images into one.

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