Content Freshness for SEO Optimisation

A big part of Search Engine Optimisation is creating a quality site

QuestionKeeping your vlog, blog or website at the top of the search engine rankings takes work. Here, we’ll discuss the basics of content freshness and how it helps to keep your site relevant.

Why it Works
Search engines determine rankings by several varied factors, and some of those factors change over time. Fresh content, however, is an aspect of SEO that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Nobody wants to read or view the same thing repeatedly, with a small number of exceptions like videos of relaxing sounds for sleep. For most content, however, viewers want to read something new every time they visit. If they don’t find it, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

The largest search engines take fresh content into consideration, ranking sites with new content higher. There are many factors which can influence rankings, so don’t expect to see your site at the very top simply because you upload every day. Keeping things fresh, however, is never a bad idea, and can give your rankings a huge boost when combined with other common-sense SEO basics.

How to Keep Up
Keeping your site updated nearly every day – which is recommended for optimised rankings – can seem almost overwhelming at first. This is especially true if your content is more time-consuming, such as videos or product reviews. However, there are always ways to keep updating – you just have to think creatively.

Video Freshness
If your web offerings consist of videos, try to think of ways to cut down on prep time. You could try creating a video without video – simply your voice set to a photo or slide show. It’s not as informative as a full video, but it can be created in a very short amount of time and lets your subscribers and potential subscribers know you’re keeping things fresh.

Photo Freshness
If your web content is text based, consider creating a few posts with just photos and captions. While this might sound boring, consider print magazines – they have loads of pages of only photos and captions! The key is finding interesting and exciting photos and matching them with relevant, funny or thoughtful captions that speak to your audience.

Competitive Freshness

Another quick way to keep your site current and relevant is to set up a contest. The prize doesn’t have to be big – even a mention on your website or blog is enough. People like to win, regardless of whether or not they receive a physical prize. Keep the contest relevant to your site. You might have a caption contest, posting a single photo or a small group and asking participants to come up with the funniest captions. You could also issue a challenge, ask participants for photo documentation, and offer a prize for the best results – this can be applied to many different types of sites. Cooking blogs can ask for the most unique take on a familiar ingredient. Fashion blogs can request the most innovative take on a particular colour or accessory. Gardening blogs can host old-fashioned contests for the biggest tomatoes or pumpkins, just like county fairs! The possibilities really are endless, so don’t assume your web content has no room for contests. There’s always something available. Contests are excellent ways to keep your site current, because they require only a bit of set-up and maintenance on your end, but they keep your subscribers and viewers busy!

UpdateQuick Updates
If you’re really pressed for time and absolutely can’t come up with any exciting content, offer your subscribers and new viewers a few words. This can be something as simple as the reason you’re pressed for time! Users love to feel as though they’re part of something, and simply keeping them informed can work wonders.

Personal updates are more applicable to personal sites like vlogs and blogs, but virtually any type of website can benefit. Even an e-commerce site can use this tactic. Closing up shop while you’re on vacation is often necessary, but leads to lost sales and, occasionally, potential customers who never return. A quick note, however: letting shoppers know why you’re gone and when you’ll be back can completely change the atmosphere of your shop’s closing and help ensure that customers return! For the sake of online safety, it’s best to avoid posting the actual location where you’ll be vacationing.

Your Bottom Line
At the end of the day, what’s most important is ensuring that your website is being updated in some fashion. It doesn’t really matter how, as long as it’s relevant to your audience and as long as you get back to your usual content quickly.

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