5 Common Mistakes That Can Cripple Mobile SEO

Mobile devices have become all the rage these days. As such, you might have tried to implement certain procedures in your website to make it friendlier to these devices. Optimising your website for mobile searches can certainly be beneficial for its success. However, there are certain mistakes which can be inadvertently made during such an optimisation. These mistakes are fairly common. Many webmasters have made them when trying to go for mobile SEO.

What Is the Result of These Mistakes?

These mistakes prevent the crawlers and search bots of the various search engines including Google from moving around in your site properly. As these bots are unable to pass through the webpages smoothly, it becomes difficult for them to understand the website. This has a negative impact on the rankings of the website. As such, the end result of the mobile SEO campaign does not have much of a result.

CSS or JavaScript Files Are Blocked

CSS, JavaScript and image files need to be crawled properly by the search engine bots. This allows the website to be indexed and rendered properly by the search engines. If these files get blocked for some reason or the other, it prevents the bots from accessing them. The algorithms of the search engines will not be able to render the content or index them.


Unplayable Content

You may have uploaded various pieces of multimedia content such as embedded videos. While these videos may be easily viewable and played on a desktop or laptop, it does not necessarily mean that they can be played on a mobile device. There are a few types of video content which cannot be played by certain mobile devices. This can lead to a frustrating experience for the users.

Faulty Redirects

You may have separate mobile URLs. If you do, you must make sure that the mobile users are redirected to the correct mobile URL from your desktop URL. Often, the URL simply redirects to a separate and different page. This is not a good thing by any means as it affects how users view your website and its quality. It can affect the rankings of your website as well.


Interstitials are often used by websites. However, such overlays are not always appreciated by the user especially when they completely cover the contents of a website, either completely or partially. Users find them extremely annoying. It ruins the user experience as well. As such, you will lose visitors very quickly.

Slow Loading Times

Loading times for webpages must be fast. This is all the more important for a mobile website. People do not like to wait around for a webpage to load especially when they are using a mobile device. Of course, slow loading times are disliked by search engines as well. They will end up giving you a lower ranking.

Mistakes often occur unintentionally. Unfortunately, they can be rather harmful for the success of your mobile SEO campaign. You should check your website out and determine if these mistakes are present and eliminate them.