Organic SEO – Best Practices for your Website

Natural or Organic SEO for Businesses Website

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is a detailed process aimed at placing a website in certain search results using specific keywords.

Effective SEO gives a greater number of visits to your website. However, an e increase in the number of visitors to a site does not always generate a high conversion rate into sales. We focus on both by aiming to increase your website’s audience, and improving your sales conversion rate – that is, for the highest percentage of users actually interested in your offerings.

We do organic SEO services successfully for various industries – including shops, marketing agencies, tourism operators, business services, etc. We assist both small to medium-sized businesses, and large companies. We also do SEO for individual clients (for example, blog owners).

Benefits of Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a widely understood element of internet marketing. The difference between purchased links and organic SEO is that organic SEO is a more detailed process. It produces results normally after three months of starting the optimisation process. What is important though is that the results of organic SEO are fully measurable, because after reaching your website’s SEO goals, you can notice the number of views and visits. That is why SEO is still considered to be the most effective form of marketing for websites, as the costs are lower when you compare SEO to the benefits it provides.

How do we do Organic SEO?

We adjust SEO methods individually for each customer’s website. This is because different websites need different methods (for example, an internet shop has different requirements than a blog).

SEO for online shops has the goal of maximising the sales and profits of the business, whereas a blog’s goal is to get attention and encourage viewers to have discussions. Another benefit of our organic SEO services is that we combine our SEO methods with internet marketing activities (for example, advertising campaigns, content marketing, social media campaigns, and content writing) to improve results.

If you are interested in our organic SEO services, please choose one of our affordable SEO packages HERE

Sowing the Seeds of Organic SEO

Developing a website is more productive when search engine results are considered from the beginning. For many years, no real thought was given to the placement of elements such as keywords, and the ultimate results were a loss in ranking. In order to keep visitor’s interest, and to maintain hits from the larger search engines it’s important to consider a more organic SEO in order to obtain a natural placement in search engine results pages or SERPs.

Methods for Organic Results

Obtaining a high placement or ranking on search engine results pages is naturally the goal of seeking out an SEO service. Understanding that certain methods such as the use of keywords, writing quality content, and using “backlinking” can help a site – this is important. It’s just as critical for site owners, and businesses dependent on a site to understand that so called black hat uses of SEO including keyword stuffing and link farms can under mind a website’s credibility if used improperly.

What Drives SEO Results?

Most major search engines like Google use algorithms. To say these mathematical checks run on websites in order to determine ranking are complex is an understatement. Every year the major search engines change portions of these algorithms hundreds of times. Major changes are usually announced, but smaller changes usually come and go with little fanfare. A website’s page ranking can then change drastically seemly at random unless those who monitor placement ensure there is continued growth, expansion, and that all aspects of the site will adapt over time. Remaining results driven is keeping pace with changes made by other sites, engines, and those who search online for products, service, and information.

A large part of using organic SEO is thinking in terms of how a living organism thrives in an encouraging environment. While black hat techniques will offer an immediate positive result, it’s possible that search engines will eventually view this negatively. The results will be the shutting off of the site from the contact it needs to survive by giving it a very low page ranking. On the other hand, refraining from using any SEO content will have the same effect. Relevant content that includes some use of techniques such as spreading out links on a page, incorporating metatags, and other attributes aids in gaining a desirable ranking.

The Differences with Organic Methods

Relevancy is the key to organic methods. These will generate genuine clicks as the interest of readers is piqued by information. This form of optimizing the page results in more clicks, and can also incorporate links spread through the content along with metatags. Because the content is genuine, written in an easy to understand manner it is worth the time of those searching for data. With this method search engine results can withstand changes in algorithms. Organic SEO results build the trust of those using the site, and are typically more cost effective than other forms of optimization. Instead of a campaign style of organization for a site, an organic method will see consistent change, and quality growth.



Search Engine Optimisation – First Page – Google

Search Engine Optimisation Services Australia

Google - first page

Many people wonder how to get their website to the first page of Google or how to be found on the internet? Effective advertising on the internet is becoming more difficult every day and not all of us are able to do successful internet advertisements or marketing campaigns.

The biggest search engine over the globe is Google. As a user, webmaster, programmer or a business owner, you either love Google or you hate it. Whatever you think, Google provides owners of businesses a lot of interesting and useful information in a simple and accessible way. Information that can make your business grow. Thanks to Google, your competitors might grow (or decrease) their market share. In Google search, you can find everything as it has in its resources almost all existing websites.

Nowadays, to be found online your domain should be in Google’s search results. Not only should your domain be in Google generally, but your website should also be found at least in the top positions in the search rankings (ideally in the top 10 or 20).

Below are some useful SEO tips presented by Maile Ohye from Google who provides advice for start-ups.

The benefits of using our SEO services include:
– Having high positions for keywords/phrases related to your business profile
– Increasing the number of viewers/customers to your website
– Being assured that your website is optimised and visible on the internet
– Growing your business over the internet and making your brand visible

Google AdWords


    What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads is a PPC platform which enables you to target ads to specific people who are looking for your products or services, avoid displaying advertisements to people who are not likely to convert for you and maximise the return on your investment.

    How much does it cost?

    To understand the costs of an effective Google Ads campaign, you must distinguish between two critical inputs:

    1. Budget for Google Ads

    You set a budget which limits the maximum amount that will be used for your Google campaign. The amount is paid to Google and consumed when people click on your ads. Google determines the cost of each click based on the quality of ads and auctions conducted between advertisers.

    Even if your Google Ad does appear for a search query, you are only charged if the user clicks through to your site.

    1. Price for Campaigns

    This is the fee payable to SEO Shark as remuneration for our services in preparing and optimising your Google Ads campaign.

    What is included in your PPC?

    • Setting up and configuration of a Google Ads account
    • Creating groups of ads, preparing your advertising and your keyword selection
    • Creating landing pages
    • Maintaining and optimising your campaigns for one month
    • Bid management

    If you are interested in more extensive packages, select one of the below PPC packages or contact our team.

    • Start-up
    • Monthly PPC Budget $600-$1,500
    • No Lock-in Contracts
    • No Set-Up Fees
    • Advanced
    • Monthly PPC Budget $1,500-$3,500
    • No Lock-in Contracts
    • No Set-Up Fees
    • Premium
    • Monthly PPC Budget min. $3,600
    • No Lock-in Contracts
    • No Set-Up Fees

    No Hidden Fees

    With SEO Shark, there are no hidden costs. The only additional funds that are required are those paid to Google for the pay per click service as mentioned above.

    No Lock-In Contract

    We don’t lock-in contracts. You can cancel our service at any time. However, we know our service yields excellent results and that once you start doing PPC advertising with us, you’ll end up staying for the long-haul.


    Your monthly budget can be changed are your discretion, whether you want to increase or decrease it. You are, however, required to pay for all clicks that have been incurred up to that time. There are no fees for budget changes.

    Google Partners

    SEO Shark is a Google Partner

    Being a Google Partner, SEO Shark has access to exclusive trainings, support and tools provided by Google. The Google partnership makes us a trusted digital media provider.

    Let Us Protect
    Your Clicks

    SEO Shark has introduced a new program that specifically targets click fraud on PPC campaigns.

    Click fraud occurs when competitors continue to click on your ad until your daily budget is met, therefore resulting in your ad no longer displaying until the following day. Recently, we have seen a dramatic upward trend of fake clicks occurring on client PPC campaign ads.

    This is a relatively underhanded tactic used by businesses to get a step ahead of their competition in an over-saturated market. SEO Shark had taken steps to ensure this dodgy approach is no longer valid on our clients.

    Our program ensures that your ads will not become victim to click fraud. This, therefore, makes your PPC campaign significantly more effective as only real potential customers will be clicking on your ads.

    The four main stages of our Click-Fraud prevention program:

    • Monitoring

      We track every click that is made on your ads and analyse this data to gain valuable insights into how your PPC ads are being interacted with.
      Detection- here, our algorithm helps to identify between real and false clicks.

    • Detection

      Here, our algorithm helps to identify between real and false clicks.

    • Block

      After we identify the fake clicks, we will then block that IP address from seeing your ads in future. While the fraud committer may believe they have succeeded in maxing out your daily budget, your ads will continue to be displayed for every other user.

    • Refund

      We will also ask Google for a full refund for the fraud clicks.

    So, let’s start your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign!

    To start your campaign, request a quote.

    Web Development


      Quality Web Design Launched Within A Few Days

      We offer professional and comprehensive website development. We use the newest and safest web solutions. Our websites are:

      ☛ mobile friendly, so all your potential clients and users can browse it via smartphones

      ☛ easy to navigate with a clear and responsive designs

      ☛ easy to upload content, create unlimited number of pages, photos, etc.

      ☛ contain “call action” elements, contact boxes

      Launch your new, modern and responsive website! Click at the button below and we will call you back as soon as possible.

      How it works:

      There are a few simple steps:

      • 1. Request a call-back

        The right person will call you back within one business day to speak about your new website.

      • 2. Receive a proposal

        You will receive a personalised proposal for your website.

      • 3. Choosing a domain name

        Once you have decided to use our web development services, we will register a domain name for you (if you haven’t registered it yet).

      • 4. Developing your website

        The whole process of creating a website for you will take around 1-3 weeks (depends on your project’s complexity).

      • 5. Hosting your website

        We will install your new website on our high speed performance server. We will also create all your branding email addresses (eg. sales@yourwebsite.com.au)

      • 6. SEO processing

        Once your website is ready to use, we start an SEO campaign for your website. This is essential to be found on the first page of Google.

        (This inclusion is optional.)

      web development process

      We create websites based on:









      Cake PHP






      Zen Cart



      • Web Designing & Development

        Get it all done in one place! We register a domain name for you, create a website and host it on our server.

      • Web Content Management

        Your website will be CMS (content management system) friendly, which means you can independently update your own website, create more pages, products, etc.

      • Responsive Web Design

        Your website will appear correctly in different screen resolutions. We make responsive websites that are compatible on all devices.

      Designed web
      • Mobile Friendly

        Our websites are mobile friendly! By having a mobile version of your website, people can reach you via smartphones or tablets.

      • E-Commerce Development

        Sell products over the internet with an easy-to-navigate online shop that is connected to all payment methods. This can be created all within a week!

      • Digital & Internet Marketing

        Your website will be SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly and ready to launch with your social media networks so you can start your SEO & social media campaign at any time.

      Meet our customers and read their opinions

      “I am very happy with the work that you did on my website! My website was very basic and boring, and I didn’t really know how to make it look more sophisticated. Now my website looks professional.”

      “SEO Shark did an absolute stellar job on creating my website for me. Web development has always been an area I didn’t understand but they knew actually what type of website I wanted and they brought it to life for me.”

      “I didn’t really understand the importance of having a really good website until SEO Shark stepped in. Now my website is getting more traffic and people are staying on my site for longer. I couldn’t have asked for a better website!”

      Professional Web Design Agency in Sydney

      Websites are now an essential tool for marketing and the quickest way to communicate with potential customers. New technologies are constantly being upgraded which provides more opportunities to build internet facilities based on the latest technologies.

      The primary determinant of the effectiveness of marketing is a good website design. Professional web site design is one of the main keys to get a customer’s attention. Our website designs are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of our customers. All websites created by us are built using the latest IT techniques and graphics.

      Customers have administrator access to edit content and manage online resources.

      We can build the following types of websites:

      • business pages,
      • large corporate websites,
      • niche services,
      • portals,
      • shops,
      • blogs, and
      • other websites.

      We provide our customers with a guarantee for our websites. We assist you in getting your website placed on your server. All websites we build are easy to edit. You can add content, extra pages, galleries, graphics and modules.

      website development Sydney

      Social Media Marketing Management

      Social Media Agency with Local Social Media Managers

      Complete management from $295 /mo

      ☞ No hidden fees!
      ☞ No set up fees!
      ☞ No lock-in contracts!

      Facebook management
      Google Plus
      twitter management
      Linkedin management

      Sydney Social Media Agencies

      Nowadays, over 1 billion people use Facebook all over the world. The number of Australian users is estimated to be around 12 million. No wonder that almost all businesses have profiles on Facebook and also on different social media websites like Google Plus and Twitter. Such a wide range of customers cannot be ignored!

      Our social media agency creates and runs unique fan pages on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We create a strong business image on those networks and we link the fan pages to your website. All fan pages managed by our social media agency are excellent in quality and are definitely different from classic Facebook pages (which is also important for SEO). This social media marketing services are best and affordable for small businesses.

      social media networks

      The social media package involves:

      • creating profiles (if it they are not already created) on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter
      • creating and uploading content/posts to social media platforms (min. 7 per week for each platform), and
      • monitoring customer engagement and participation and respond quickly to any suggestions or requests to build a strong image of your business.

      What do we do?
      The goal of the social media service is to grow and nurture your brand across various social media networks. For example, we do this by posting: interesting content, map directions to your business, videos, discount coupons that can be printed by the user, etc.

      One of the best & affordable Social Media Agencies for small businesses


      facebook examplesWondering what to expect from our agency?

      Have a look at some of our clients’ Facebook fan pages that we manage for them. You will be impressed!

      Internet Marketing

      Reach your audience and boost your sales with the help of
      our experienced digital agency

      Welcome to SEO Shark, a leading digital advertising agency based in Sydney, Australia. We are a team of experienced digital experts that provide our customers with affordable and high quality internet marketing services.

      SEO Shark Internet Marketing Services


      While everybody knows your business needs a website to reach a wider audience, this alone isn’t enough. Because the web is so crowded with competing businesses, you need to implement a digital advertising strategy in order to make sure your website is noticed by your target audience.

      Your top competitors are likely already engaging professional internet marketing services of their own. If you do a Google search for the top keywords related to your business and notice that your competitors show up before you, then this is a big problem.

      It means that people who are searching for the products and/or services you provide are instead seeing your competitors listed before you. This results in a huge amount of organic web traffic ignoring your website simply because it appears too low on the results page.

      Our internet marketing services work to enhance the online visibility of your business through a series of strategies and tactics. We work closely with you to engineer an actionable digital strategy with clear and measurable goals.


      SEO Shark is able to help you:

      Internet Marketing
      • Reach page #1 of Google search results for your most valuable keywords

      • Build mindshare and authority within your industry

      • Maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with your audience on social media

      • Develop and optimise your website so that it generates maximum conversions

      • Improve your bottom-line by driving a larger audience to your website

      We provide our customers comprehensive internet marketing services that help them to reach their target audience, generate leads and boost their sales. We are able to assist you with any and all of the following:

      • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

        As you have no doubt guessed, we have a great deal of expertise to offer when it comes to search engine optimisation. We know how to implement advanced SEO tactics on your behalf that will strengthen the visibility of your website in search results for the key terms and phrases related to your business.

      • PPC Campaign Management

        As a certified Google AdWords partner, we are able to assist you with the planning, creation and management of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Our team is highly experienced in conducting successful PPC campaigns for a wide variety of businesses.

      • Social Media Management

        Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be extremely useful tools for interacting with your audience and generating interest in your business. We know how to structure and manage your social media presence so that you can turn those ‘fans’ into paying customers.

      • Reputation Management

        Maintaining a good public image is essential for any business both online and offline. We are able to help you respond to negative feedback, encourage positive feedback and make sure your brand is seen in a positive light.

      • Content Creation

        With our team of talented digital copywriters, we are able to quickly produce high quality written content on behalf of your business. This includes product landing pages, FAQ sections, blog articles and guest posts.


      SEO Shark

      While there are other agencies that offer similar internet marketing services to our own, we at SEO Shark have perfected our formula for achieving success for our clients. We have been in this industry for a long time and know exactly what it takes to get the results you need.

      With that said, we acknowledge that digital advertising work can often be a slow process to generate results when compared to more direct approaches like TV or radio campaigns. This is why we endeavour to be open and honest with all of our clients about what they’re going to pay for and what results they can expect.

      We know that many businesses are hesitant to invest in internet marketing services because they fear being promised results that can’t be achieved. At SEO Shark we seek to dispel any fears you may have by explaining very clearly what we think is achievable for your business and demonstrating how exactly we aim to accomplish it.

      Our team is eager to meet you and learn about your business. We believe that we only achieve the best results when we have an open and collaborative relationship with our clients.

      For high quality internet marketing services from a leading digital agency, reach out to SEO Shark
      via our contact page or by calling us on 1300 732 002.

      Copywriting – We offer Professional Content Writing

      Content Marketing Services Australia

      We can provide you with unique content which not only accurately describes your business, products or services, but also aims to convince your potential customers that your products or services are worthy of trying or buying.

      We know how to write content for websites with the necessary keywords about your products and services which your potential customers will use. This will get their attention and improve your business.

      Get unique and professional content!

      By having professional content, you can make your business more attractive than your competitors.

      contentWe offer:

      • content writing for your website using keywords/phrases that are required for effective SEO
      • articles for promoting your businesses
      • newsletters for the target market of your business
      • posts on your social media pages (eg Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter), and
      • posts on your blog.

      Contact us today and get fresh and unique content!

      Local SEO Services – Local SEO Company

      Local SEO Services Australia

      local seo services

      What is local SEO?

      Local SEO is the process of promoting a website in search engines and placing it on the top of search results for phrases related directly to a specific location. For example, associations are created to include the name of the city or suburb in which your business operates.

      Do you want to target products or services to a particular locality?

      Businesses like restaurants, vets, lawyers, doctors, local shops, and many other types of local businesses and organisations should have a website. This is necessary to help clients (especially those living in your area) find your products or services.

      Local SEO is useful for businesses and for customers as 96% of consumers look mainly for local businesses and services. Due to the internet user’s preferences, Google often makes some changes in its search engine which are particularly important for local businesses. Rather than choosing keywords such as “pizza shop” or “family lawyer”, you should focus on phrases like: “pizza shop Melbourne CBD” or “family lawyer Sydney”.

      All your keywords, of course, depend on the area in which your business operates. You can expand this area not only to the city, but also to state (eg house building company NSW) or to the country (eg computer shop online Australia).

      The benefits of a local SEO

      First of all, local SEO gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with big organisations. In a global market, small businesses don’t have many chances to successfully compete with the largest organisations. Large companies can easily eliminate small businesses. However, it doesn’t have to be the rule! By using our local SEO services, you can:

      • reach more local customers
      • increase sales to customers in your area
      • become known in your local area, and
      • compete with large organisations by having low-cost SEO.


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