How To Use Pop-Ups Without Negatively Impacting Your SEO

The topic of pop-ups seems to come up more often than not. Specifically, whether you should be including pop-ups on your website. This has been the question on everyone lips ever since January when Google began to devalue intrusive pop-up ads specifically on mobile versions of websites (desktops are safe for now, we will talk about this later).

As well this, Google devalued other intrusive interstitial that have the potential to weaken users experience, again especially on mobile phones. As we all know, Google cares about their users and giving them the best experience possible.

pop up ad on mobile

Google doesn’t like pop-up ads on mobiles.

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How To Improve Your SEO Rankings With Videos

Recent discussions around mobile revolutionising the Google search engine optimisation (SEO) market, have now paved way for the next big thing – videos. Videos make up a significant portion of all Internet traffic, and are expected to grow even further. In fact, video popularity has spread into the marketing world with more companies’ spending money on video advertising.

video content

Videos are a new and exciting way to help boost your SEO.

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number one page on search engines

The Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about driving your brand, your product or your message through digital means.  Whether it be a small corner store adjacent to the public school or a large multinational corporation that has annual turnover in the billions of dollars, the same principles apply.

The electronic channels made available to retailers and businesses have changed down the years. Whereas billboards, radio commercials and printed advertisements in newspapers were the go-to option, the Internet has forever flipped the power balance. This is not to say that those avenues are not valuable in the current climate, just that a business has to be more adaptable and present in more locations.

basics of digital marketing

How will you make the most of your digital marketing strategy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing

Since its debut on October 29th, 2012, Snapchat has grown into a global phenomenon. After extending on the original app, which simply provided a photo sharing platform, where people could share their ‘snaps’ and feel confident that they were deleted immediately afterwards, Snapchat has become one of the leading social media apps in the world.

Taking into consideration the app’s insane popularity with its huge user-base, one may be excused for double taking when they hear that Snapchat was only invented 4 years ago. Snapchat is a huge player in the social media market and many businesses are starting to realise its potential.

guide to snapchat marketing

Snapchat is starting to dominate the social media industry.

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How to Write a Blog in Record Time

Writing a blog isn’t everyone’s favourite, it certainly isn’t mine! But sometimes you just have to do it. I write a blog post every day. I can tell you some days are definitely easier than others. But if I have learnt one thing, it’s how to produce quality blog posts fast.

When I first started writing blogs it did take me quite a while, almost the entire work day. Now it takes me just a couple hours! So if you are just starting out writing blogs, don’t expect to be super-fast. It takes time and once you have enough practice and a great rhythm going, you’ll be able to work a lot faster.

how to write a blog fast

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4 Misconceptions About E-Commerce SEO

There are a significant number of ways a business to implement an effective SEO strategy. The way you choose to deploy your SEO efforts should depend heavily on the type of business you run. For example, an e-commerce business will use completely different SEO tactics as opposed to a business with the typical website.

When it comes to e-commerce websites, you are probably already aware that they are very different to that of other websites. E-commerce websites are usually the only point of contact users have with the business. This means that your website, simply put, needs to be amazing.

e-commerce website or shopping in store

Your e-commerce website needs to be amazing!

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4 of the Best Off Page SEO Strategies for 2017

I’m going to be completely honest with you. Not all types of links have an equal weighting and influence. And do you know what this means? Well, it means that you can no longer focus solely on getting as many links as possible.

This type of thinking will get you nowhere. You need to think about how to get the BEST links possible for your website. Let me give you an example. One link from is going to be significantly better for your off page SEO than 50 links from websites like

off page seo

Off page SEO requires quality links.

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hidden text black hat seo

The Main Reasons Why People Still Believe Black Hat Tactics Work

Black hat SEO tactics are the psychotic big brother to white hat tactics. While the gentler white hat tactics take longer to achieve genuine results, some online marketers are still tempted to go with the more aggressive and ultimately less honest approach.

To break it down, a website using these tactics is deliberately going against the ethical guidelines set out by search engines in order to achieve rankings it would otherwise not receive.

Black Hat SEO

Why do people still believe black hat tactics work?

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long tile note

The Long Tail of Search – Rank your Website Higher

What is the Long Tail?

You may have never heard of the term “long tail” in regards to search, but you’ll soon know more about it than you ever wanted to know, and it will help you tremendously in all of your search engine optimisation efforts. Knowing about how to adjust your search engine optimisation keywords in the face of an increasingly niche marketplace is key to becoming a master of your chosen niche.

The first question that you are going to have is what exactly is the “long tail?” Well, to be concise, the long tail is the items that sell in small quantities, but take up a larger amount of the graph of items sold. In theory, it’s the items that are not high-volume sales, which are often also high competition. An example of a high-volume and high-competition search term would be “music shops.” A search for music shops would encompass all music shops in the world, and if you are trying to market a small, local music shop in Melbourne, you probably won’t rank high in that search term. However, if you focus on the low-volume and low-competition section, which would be searches like “Where can I find a music shop in Melbourne?” you will be more likely to have a higher turnover rate and get more customers.

long tile in Google

What Value Comes From Knowing About the Long Tail?
Knowing about the long tail allows you to learn how to market yourself to the niche sectors of your community. Taking, for example, the idea of a music shop we previously mentioned, there are a number of good ideas to use keywords for in your search-engine-optimised content. Some of those search terms are things like “music shop that sells vinyl” or “music shops with Beach Boys albums”. If your music shop simultaneously has the largest variety of Beach Boys albums on vinyl, you should easily turn those searches into sales.

How to Focus on the Long Tail

So, how do you then focus on the long tail as part of your internet marketing strategy? The first step is to figure out what niche markets you excel in, like for example, the music shop with beach boys vinyl albums. However, it doesn’t just have to be niche items, it can also be niche searches. Rather than focus your SEO on keywords that are general like “widgets”, focus on more personalised, naturally spoken search terms like “Find widgets in Darwin” or even “widgets for college students.” In the entire realm of searches for widgets, these searches are likely to be less searched for and, as a result, will make it easier for you to turn those searches into sales.

Why Focus on the Long Tail
You should focus on the long tail because it has less competition. While you might have a wonderful online bookstore, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for you to compete with search terms for bookstore versus national chains like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. When you focus on the more localised or niche search terms, you can maximise the outcome of your search engine optimisation.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) are ads that appear in search results next to the traditional search results for the most desired keywords. However, in the case of PPC- your ad may show up at the top almost immediately!

The trick is the right choice of words and key phrases that will gain relevant visitors. Good advertisement text and budget management are essential to get links to display as long as possible and bring in the maximum return on your investment.

That’s why you should leave this to the professionals.

Our advanced tools allow us to prepare the best Google Ads campaign to get your content displaying at the top of Google.

What’s included in our PPC Management?

Our Pay Per Click Management includes:

  • Researching the best keywords for effective online ads
  • Finding the best-targeted location for your business (local, national & worldwide)
  • Setting up a proper bid price, including your budget
  • Setting up a tool for measuring traffic, lead conversions and tracking

If you are interested in creating a professional efficient and effective Google Ads campaign, request a call back with our team