writing articles of high quality

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

There are essentially two main goals to be achieved through writing content for your website;

  1. Encouraging traffic to your website through building links etc. and;
  2. Writing great content to keep your readers interested.

These two things seem relatively simple in isolation, and they are, but due to a harsh world of competition, it is a lot more difficult to write quality content that ranks well. Sure, getting traffic to your website might not be that hard and nor is writing good content, but writing good content and bringing users to your site and then making them stay, that’s the challenge.

writing SEO-friendly content

There are a few changes you can make to your content to ensure it is more SEO-friendly.

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a successful SEO strategy

The Importance of SEO in Terms of Internet Marketing

A changing economy and business world has led to a rapid rise in digital technologies. Subsequently, marketing has become far more digitally focused than it has been in the past with online and social media seen as two of the most important pillars in executing a successful campaign.

At the crux of effective, efficient and highly successful marketing campaigns, whether they are online or a combination of online and outdoor, is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. SEO is now seen as a must-have in the marketing world however many still do not get it right.

how SEO works

SEO has a major stake in internet marketing.

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SEO tips and tools

Awesome SEO Tips and Tools for 2018

A fresh new year means a fresh new approach to search engine optimisation. Any expert will tell you that SEO is a constantly evolving part of digital marketing and the passage of time simply means that there’s more to learn.

Search engines are learning too, and probably much faster than we can. The algorithms behind what Google is ranking highly are constantly being developed, so we have to do our best to catch up with them.

SEO tips and tools

Here are the latest tips and tools for SEO in 2018.

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user experience focus

9 Bad SEO Habits You Need To Leave Behind

When people begin to do anything routinely they tend to develop habitual behaviour. These behaviours will often develop subconsciously because we’ve seen them work on multiple occasions in the past.

In the constantly evolving practise of search engine optimisation, habits can be very dangerous. Methods that have worked historically can gradually become less and less effective, often before many people can realise.

outdated SEO methods

There are a number of bad SEO habits you might not realise you have.

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digital marketing and SEO

Expected SEO Trends for 2018

Digital marketing and SEO is pushing back towards a more traditional form of public relations, brand building, understanding of customer audiences through artificial intelligence, more visual content and the mobile first indexing of websites.

This follows the change in end users doing more searches from their mobiles for local products and services, and from the increase in the technology of artificial intelligence being used by search engines in order to build more relevant searches.

digital marketing and SEO

Take a look how SEO is expected to change over this year.

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lead generation and LinkedIn

Why Businesses Should Be On LinkedIn?

Business to business is often far more lucrative than business to consumer services. Business to business targets professionals who are in charge of budgets, and often business owners are far more definitive of what their needs and goals are.

Even in so far as health and wellness service providers, they can have a presence on LinkedIn, marketing directly to business owners and other professionals, as foremostly, it is more than likely that these people are 1) gainfully employed and 2) have healthy cash flows to spend on the business wanting to gain more clients.

target clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn holds many benefits for businesses.

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SEO strategies with social media marketing

How to Best Run SEO and Social Media Campaigns Simultaneously

One of the ways your search engine ranking is determined is by the amount of times your article is shared. If an article is simply liked or retweeted, those signals aren’t counted towards ranking in search engine algorithms. In order to ensure that articles are shared on social media, it is critically important to include social sharing buttons on your website.

Depending on the web platform, whether WordPress, Shopify, HTML5 site or other type of coded website, it is imperative that your web developer includes social sharing buttons to boost your search engine optimisation ranking. This will make it easy and effortless for your audience to share your article.

SEO strategies with social media marketing

SEO and social media will be more effective together!

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SEO matters in real estate

How SEO Helps Real Estate Websites?

This is a beautiful synchronicity that happens to occur between SEO and the world of real estate. The one term that joins this particular mode of business with the practice of search engine optimisation comes down ‘local.’ Both entities live and die by their association to a community.

Whether the enterprise is small or happens to fall under a major franchise chain like Century 21, LJ Hooker, Raine & Horne, Ray White or First National, the same principles apply.

SEO matters in real estate

SEO can help your real estate business, no matter the size.

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importance of structured data

Google Introduces New Rich Results Tool Which Can Test for Structured Data

Web developers, business owners, digital marketers and SEO account managers will appreciate the introduction of Google’s new SEO evaluation tool that checks to see if a page is eligible for rich results. Rich snippets, rich cards and enriched results have all been rebranded by Google under the heading of “rich results,” in order to simplify top displays of information in the search engine results pages.

Rich results are collated from structured data, which is markup on a page that bots read in order to assist in indexing and cataloguing a site. The new tool tests a website to see if it will be read by search bots and produce a particular result. Currently the evaluation tool is testing for movies, courses, events and job postings.

new SEO evaluation tool

This new tool is set to help a lot of web developers!

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content of high quality

Content Marketing for Beginners

Content marketing is a significant part of the online digital world. It can quickly become confusing and intimidating, especially if you don’t know much about it. Well, never fear! This blog provides you will everything a beginner would need to know about content marketing.

You probably won’t be a top content whiz after reading this blog, but it is hoped that you will have a better understanding of how it works and how to get the most out of it for your business.

content of high quality

Content marketing should be an essential component of your online marketing plan.

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