How to Protect Your Business’s Reputation on Social Media

Social media and the significant power it holds has rapidly changed the way people communicate with others. Social media has also allowed for business’s to extent their online presence and interact with consumers easier and faster.

However, social media can be very uncontrollable and businesses now are virtually unable to regulate what is being said about their brand. Social media does provide countless benefits to businesses, although they must be aware that as much as social media can help you, it can also just as easily bring your business down.


reputation on social media


4 ways to protect your business’s reputation on social media

Be active on social media1. Ensuring you are active

You won’t be able to change what people say about your business, however, if you are active and are constantly checking your social media pages, you will be able to react to comments.

Also, for your brand to remain relevant you will need to be posting fresh new content at least a couple of times per week.

By continuously posting new content you are more likely to build a following and users will be coming to your social media page just to see what new content you have posted.

2. Use appropriate humour

Humour can be a very slippery slope because everyone has different tastes and something that doesn’t offend you may offend someone else.

Social media joke


However, using appropriate humour will engage users in your post and it is likely to keep your content relevant. It is important not to use humour that is too clever or only a small number of people will understand.

comments3. Respond to all comments

This is the most important act to perform on social media. If you aren’t engaging with your consumers and the people writing comments (or even complaints), then what is the point of you even being on social media?

Responding to comments and actively participating in various conversations will assist in building loyalty for your brand. Dealing with consumer complaints online on a public social media site can be difficult.

If you are facing complaints you should offer to continue the discussion privately or offline. This shows to others that you actually care about your customers and aren’t simply looking for as much money or sales as possible.

4. Be aware of potential duplicate pages

Duplicate pages are becoming more and more commonplace on all social media sites. Therefore, it is important to regularly check if a duplicate page of your business has been created. These types of pages have the potential to damage your reputation as well as confusing search engines.


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