Why you Need to Include Images on Social Media

A picture is worth a thousand words. A quote worth a thousand articles on this very topic. There is no better way to describe the importance of visual imagery when trying to purvey anything from an event to a simple meal. Visual imagery is the very heart and soul of entertainment and it is easy to see why.

People like to be able to see clearly what the author of a work had in mind when they created it. While an eloquent description of a meal can arouse the senses in many ways, it will always fail to arouse the sense of sight.

different types of pictures

Having pictures on your business profile is a must.

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content and social media

Content is King in SEO, Why?

Put simply, content fulfills the requirements of search engine optimisation (SEO). Herein lies the underlying reason why content is king in the SEO world.

That is the reality that online marketers must realise, leaving the equation very simple:

There is no content of value without SEO and there is no SEO of value without content.

Those operations that manage to create, update and publish cutting edge content that keeps their readers, viewers or followers informed are ticking the right boxes. They are upholding a practice that has been mastered by the best in the business.

content is king in SEO

Content is certainly king when it comes to SEO.

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How To Improve Your SEO Rankings With Videos

Recent discussions around mobile revolutionising the Google search engine optimisation (SEO) market, have now paved way for the next big thing – videos. Videos make up a significant portion of all Internet traffic, and are expected to grow even further. In fact, video popularity has spread into the marketing world with more companies’ spending money on video advertising.

video content

Videos are a new and exciting way to help boost your SEO.

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The Main Reasons Why People Still Believe Black Hat Tactics Work

Black hat SEO tactics are the psychotic big brother to white hat tactics. While the gentler white hat tactics take longer to achieve genuine results, some online marketers are still tempted to go with the more aggressive and ultimately less honest approach.

To break it down, a website using these tactics is deliberately going against the ethical guidelines set out by search engines in order to achieve rankings it would otherwise not receive.

Black Hat SEO

Why do people still believe black hat tactics work?

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