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Top Reasons Your SEO Ranking Dropped (And How To Fix Them)

You’ve probably worked really hard for a good ranking on Google. Your ranking was improving every week and you were finally on the first page of Google. And then all of a sudden you see a drop in your ranking.

What happened? You probably don’t know right?

drop in seo ranking

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online reviews

How To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews

Let’s be honest. If you own a website you are likely to be reviewed on some type of external website. And I’m not talking about your fabulous reviews that you showcase on your own website.

These external review websites are pretty much completely out of your control. On top of this you cannot control what people say on these websites.

online reviews

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How to Write a Blog in Record Time

Writing a blog isn’t everyone’s favourite, it certainly isn’t mine! But sometimes you just have to do it. I write a blog post every day. I can tell you some days are definitely easier than others. But if I have learnt one thing, it’s how to produce quality blog posts fast.

When I first started writing blogs it did take me quite a while, almost the entire work day. Now it takes me just a couple hours! So if you are just starting out writing blogs, don’t expect to be super-fast. It takes time and once you have enough practice and a great rhythm going, you’ll be able to work a lot faster.

how to write a blog fast

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Domain Web Page

What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Taken

So you’re starting a new business, you’ve come up with the perfect business name and you want to showcase that in your domain name. But uh-oh the URL is already taken! What do you do?

If you find that your domain name is already taken, you are not alone. There are more businesses now than ever, in every industry. This means that if you have a good idea for a domain name, there is a greater chance that somebody already had that idea.

what do if your domain name is taken

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Looking on Phone

4 Tips to Make Your Mobile Website Load Quicker

If you have read any of the previous blog posts on our website you will probably see a common theme (other than the topic of SEO!). And this theme is MOBILE!

You should already know by now that mobile is a big deal, especially in terms of SEO. Businesses can no longer sit back and ignore the growing force that is mobile. It is a digital world out there and mobile makes up a sizeable chunk.

the power of mobile is growing

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Smart Ways to Plan your SEO Strategy

Most savvy businesses have a marketing plan of some sort. However, SEO is one component that may be missing because it’s seen as too hard. Individuals are understanding the importance of improving their search rankings and how content is crucial to this strategy. But a key question that get’s asked is, where do I start?

There are many levels to conducting an SEO strategy. Some are more technical than others. For example, you may not have heard of alt tagging and H1’s, but most businesses can actually lay the foundation of their strategy on their own. Sometimes the hardest part is the upkeep of their strategy.

seo strategies are important for businesses

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Content Writing

7 Tips for Improving Content that will Boost SEO

Improving your content truly is one of the best ways to improve your search ranking strategy. There are many other SEO booting tactics that you need to incorporate into your strategy, however, without reliable and informative content, your strategy can be all but wasted.

The reason for this is because a fundamental element to improving your online visibility is having a website or blog that people want to share, like and comment on. The only way this will happen is if the content they are reading is something that is of value and is easy to read and take information away from.

content boosting seo


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8 Ways to Incorporate Similar Phrased Keywords into your Content

Most of us know that incorporating keywords as part of an overall content marketing and SEO strategy is crucial. It’s important that they are the right keywords and are placed in the right format and structure for optmisation.

Not only this, but they need to be specific to your industry, business or product and not just an “associated” phrase that can mean something completely different for the searcher.

Many of us know the perils of keyword stuffing and how it can impact the overall reader experience, not to mention that Google doesn’t look favourably on using keywords in a spamming like nature.

keyword research

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social media

5 Key Types Of User Engagement Data That Impact SEO

Most of us know that informative and engaging content is critical to SEO success. Content is the key ingredient of a blog or landing page. If people like what they are reading it will encourage more likes, shares, comments and overall engagement. The more engagement your website gets, the better it is for your online visibility.

content marketing

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diy SEO

How to improve SEO for your WordPress website?

When you set up the website for your business, you probably used WordPress to do it. The original WordPress package already helps you to make a pretty decent website or blog, but there are also a heap of plugin options to suit your needs – and a lot of them are great for improving your SEO.

You can start with some of these to make your website more attractive and easy to use, but if you want your site to really make an impact you’ll need an expert to help you (especially if you aren’t an IT whiz or don’t really understand SEO).


wordpress website

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