Biggest Social Media Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Disaster has struck! At least, that seems to be how it feels when you make a massive blunder on social media. For some, social media mistakes are a terrible embarrassment, for others, it can quite literally cost them their job.

Whether you’ve accidentally posted that embarrassing selfie of you picking your nose and pulling a silly face (don’t know how you’ll explain that one), or you’ve thought you were typing something into your personal newsfeed when it was actually your business account.

social media mistakes

We all make mistakes, but it is how we deal with them that is important.

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Is Google Spying On You?

Ever since the release of Google Panda update many people feel like that are being watched. Google is the most used Internet search browser in the world, and brings everything from YouTube and Gmail to Google Maps and Hangouts to you at the click of a few buttons. In fact, “googling it” has become almost synonymous with the way users search for anything these days, but is it really a good thing?

is google spying on you

Google could be spying on you right now!

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10 Things You Need To Know About Google Adwords

Google Adwords is part of the Google advertising network, and companies can pay to hit the top position as part of the search page. It is a faster way to get results in search marketing, and helps build a business’ organic SEO. There are a few things to consider in using Google Adwords.

Google Adwords campaign

If you are running an Adwords campaign, there are a few things you should know.

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pr for search engine optimisaton

Why PR needs to be part of your SEO strategy

When people think of SEO, normally terms such as digital marketing or tech savvy come to mind. However, SEO is no longer just something that code specialists do. A part of getting your website optimised is to ensure your content is influencing your reader, is getting placed in the right online spaces and involves a strategic outreach strategy.

public relations seo

PR is certainly an essential component of your SEO strategy. 

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Should You Outsource Your Blog?

Blogging remains one of the most effective online methods of keeping your business up to date. It allows Google to rank you higher through SEO and also ensures that your consumer base is kept informed about news, trends and events that are involved within your niche.

So it should make sense to outsource that department of the business, right? Well this is where we stumble upon some tricky territory because it will come down to a number of factors. No two operations are ever the same, so unfortunately there will be no black and white answer here.

outsourcing a blog

Should you outsource your blog writing?

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How to use SEO to go Global

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing technique used by many business, trades and organisations to get noticed online. It helps generate organic traffic into the website by increasing it’s ranking in the search engine’s listings. By doing this, the website is easily noticed by users. The higher a website is listed in the rank, the better chances it receives to be noticed by the user. This translates into traffic and a potential sale for the business.

The SEO marketing strategy totally relies on the search engine’s algorithm and its rules. Hence, the traffic generated into the website (by SEO) is often referred to as organic or natural. However, with campaigns such as Pay Per Click (PPC) , you pay the search engine to have your website listed amongst the organic search listings. In addition to this, you will also be charged when a visitor clicks on these paid listings, to enter your website.

global SEO campaign

Is your business thinking about going global?

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Instagram posts

Instagram Marketing Blunders You Need To Stop Making

You can no longer deny it; Instagram is an incredibly powerfully marketing tool. Statistica explains that there are now over 600 million active users. That is a whole lot of people! And what’s more? This figure is only expected to rise in the years to come. So if you aren’t on the Instagram train, you better hop on quick smart before it leaves! Read more

How to use Google Analytics to Improve your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing campaigns, analytics and the ability to track your results is crucial. Without clear tracking, we don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Tracking is crucial not just for analysing your previous or current strategy, but your next strategy moving forward.

When we can rule out the components of a campaign that didn’t quite hit the mark, we can focus our efforts on those that did, significantly increasing the results of our next campaign. It doesn’t matter what area of our marketing strategy we want to track, there many online tools to help us identify results.

improve your marketing campaign

Tracking and analysing your website results is important.

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impact on your AdWords campaign

BREAKING: Google Has Just Made a Major Change to AdWords

Google has just announced (on the 4th October 2017) a massive change to AdWords. Marketers, advertisers and the general public are slightly freaking out. If you don’t constantly have one eye on every little thing that Google does, that’s okay because we do! It is important you fully understand the change that has been made because it will have a significant impact on your AdWords campaign.

Okay, let us get you us get you up to speed with what Google has just announced! Basically they said that to assist AdWords marketers to reach their advertising goals, the campaign now can spend up to double the average daily budget which is set.

massive change to AdWords

This announcement by Google will bring massive changes to AdWords.

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discontinue SEO activity

What Would Happen If You Stopped SEO?

Stopping SEO does not pull the plug on your operation. The content that has been posted stays where it is, the numbers will remain solid for a short period of time and it will appear on the surface that business is usual.

What it does is begin a slide into the online abyss, seeing all your customers and visitors gradually switch to other outlets for their content and services. Unless this is a grand ploy to start a better project or there is a genuine desire to want to quit, then this is a poor tactic.

SEO best practices

You may think that stopping your SEO efforts won’t have a major impact on your website, but this is certainly not the case.

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