Google Ads gone wrong

Why You Aren’t Using Google Ads Properly

Having ads on Google is a great way to increase your website’s exposure, and if you do it right you can also see an increase in traffic as well as conversions. If your Google Ads aren’t fully optimised it can quickly become a waste of time and money.

No business wants to waste time and money, so it is important that you get it right, and have a full understanding of the things that could negatively impact your Google Ads. Creating effective and fully optimised Google Ads is so important that many big businesses have a team or dedicated resources put towards them.

So, to get the most bang for your buck with Google Ads you have to know what you are doing. If you are not an expert, that’s fine! There are many different places that you can outsource to, or you can study up and do your research to try and give Google Ads a crack yourself.

problems with google ads

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black hat SEO

The 3 Hats of SEO: White, Black & Grey

There are a lot of different tactics and strategies used in the world of SEO. In general, most of these tactics and strategies used fall into one of three different categories, white, black or grey hat SEO. These three “hats” are very different in nature and SEO professionals certainly have different reasons to use each of them.

In the competitive world of SEO, people will try to do anything they can to get an advantage, and sometimes the advantage is unfair to others and not in Google’s (or other search engines or even SEO in general) best practice. SEO uses the different colour hats to explain the different types of tactics being used.

white hat vs black hat SEO

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checking instagram following

How To Build Your Instagram Following

Social media is very powerful these days. If you develop the right social media strategy, there are quite a number of benefits you will see. There are a whole lot of different social media platforms out there to become a part of. So, have a think about who your target audience is, and which platform they are most likely to use.

The great news is that social media and SEO services can go hand in hand. Having a dual strategy can reap even more rewards. So you should certainly think about running an SEO and social media campaign together, you’ll be able to capture an even wider audience.

One of the most common social media platforms these days is Instagram. Instagram has a whopping billion monthly users and over half log in every day. With the potential to reach so many people, you would be silly not to consider using Instagram to connect with potential customers.

No matter the type of website/ business you run, you should be able to make it work on Instagram. This social media platform is obviously very image and video heavy. So, you will need to think about how you can create engaging forms of this type of content.

get instagram followers

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seo ecommerce website

E-Commerce and SEO: The Tips you Need for Success

E-commerce seems to be the way the world is moving, and has been for some time. The current COVID-19 situation has only just amplified the international need for e-commerce business, as most of the world is in lockdown of some sort of form and they are unable to leave their homes for extended periods of time.

If you are currently playing in the e-commerce space, or have done some research, you would know just how busy the market is in many different industries. Despite this competition, the costs of running an e-commerce site are quite low, especially compared to typical brick and mortar businesses.

This attractive low overhead cost means it is easier for you to get your business up and running, but it also means that it is easy for everyone. So, you have to compete with more businesses, as well as the businesses with a typical shop front.

In these uncertain times you should always be looking for something that can give you an edge on your competitors. There are certainly many different ways you can get an edge, but one you should seriously consider is SEO. SEO is an important piece in your e-commerce success puzzle.

find e-commerce website through SEO

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SEO tools

Why You Need To Use SEO Analysis Tools

One of the great things about SEO is all the awesome tools that are available for you to take advantage of. No matter what area of SEO you are currently working on, there is probably a tool that can help you along your way. These tools are here to make your job easier and help save you time.

It doesn’t matter about your knowledge of SEO, these types of tools should be used by all. There are lots of different ways SEO tools can make your strategy better, and even provide ideas and guidance of things you haven’t even thought of yet!

In this current hyper competitive environment, even the nichest of markets have competition, so it imperative that you are doing all you can to give your website and business an advantage. SEO tools are here to give you that advantage and take your campaign to the next level.

All tools are, however, not created equal and some are certainly better than others. Along with researching the reasons why you need SEO tools, it is also a good idea to have a better understanding of the actual tools themselves and which ones are the best.

SEO free tool analysis

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improve website content

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. You should be spending a lot of time creating highly engaging content that specifically targets users with the right intent. The content on your website should help users answer a question and actually give them useful information.

Google is constantly making changes in their algorithm in relation to user intent and having high quality content that have expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E.A.T). You can no longer really simply say that “content is king” anymore. Yes, content is still important, but it is now about providing the quality content that users crave.

Now, you may think your content is crash hot, but there are always ways to improve. You should never rest on your laurels! Make sure you are constantly looking to try the next big thing and aim to be a pioneer when it comes to trying the latest and greatest in terms of content.

You might be on to other side of the coin, where you don’t actually spend that much time on content and/ or don’t put that much emphasis on it. This could be one of the major reasons why you website isn’t performing as well as you would have hoped in the rankings.

creating website content

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Avoid bad press

Avoid Bad Press Damaging Your Brand image

Let’s face it, you can’t make all of your customers happy 100% of the time. This will inevitably lead to negative press, which is usually found online. Bad online press can be even worse as the potential pool of people that can see it is much greater.

Your online presence is vital to the success of your brand so you need to take bad press very seriously as it could really tarnish your business. It is important that you get the word out there about your business, and SEO is one of the great ways, but if people don’t like what you are doing or saying, there’s an issue.

There are plenty of examples out there where a brand has missed the mark in something they said online, and it can certainly have major backlashes. So, make sure you try not to post anything that would have negative consequences.

bad media press

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Google ads tips

Google Ad Tips To Make Your Dollar Stretch Further

Google Ads is a great way to get the word of your website out there. They ensure that your listing is visible and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your listing. Google Ads also work pretty well in conjunction with SEO, so you should consider running both these campaigns simultaneously.

Unlike SEO, Google Ads does cost money, and businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and make their dollar stretch as far as possible. The good news is that if you do Google Ads properly you can really get a lot of bang for your buck.

However, if you don’t have a full understanding of how Google Ads work and you aren’t on top of your campaign, it could actually mean you end up spending a lot more money or you waste your money on terms that don’t actually convert. This is why it is a good idea to do your research about Google Ads so you know how to use it properly.

pay per click optimisation

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couple reading timeless content

How To Create Evergreen Content And Grow Your Traffic

You might have heard the term evergreen content been thrown around, but you aren’t really sure what it means. Evergreen content is relevant for many years to come, so people reading the content 5 years ago will still find the content applicable today.

Evergreen content is the complete opposite to trending news stories. You want to create content that will last a long time. This type of content is great because if you can nail a good piece then you don’t really have to do much to ensure it remains relevant.

This doesn’t mean that writing trending stories isn’t important, but you should certainly have a mix of the two. Your potential traffic for the story is so much higher if the content is evergreen. So, when developing your content strategy, make sure you think about the type of content you are planning to create.

For example, if someone is looking for “NRL 2020 grand final tips”, the content you create is only going to be relevant for a short period of time. However, you could create a story about the “greatest NRL grand final games of all time”, which would be something the people could keep coming back to.

Group all reading timeless content

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learning from watching youtube

How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

Videos are a great way to engage with your users. More and more people are turning to video content as their favourite type of content, because it is the easiest to consume. If you haven’t already, you should certainly be considering putting together a video strategy.

Creating videos for your business and website can seem a little bit daunting, especially when you think you don’t have the time or proper equipment to make a quality video. Well, the good news is that you don’t actually need to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment, and it doesn’t actually take that long to create.

You only have to take a look at Google’s search engine results page to see just how much real estate video is taking. Google is placing more and more emphasis on videos, so if you don’t have any, you are missing out completely on getting more valuable results page real estate for your website.

watching youtube videos

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