8 Ways to Incorporate Similar Phrased Keywords into your Content

Most of us know that incorporating keywords as part of an overall content marketing and SEO strategy is crucial. It’s important that they are the right keywords and are placed in the right format and structure for optmisation.

Not only this, but they need to be specific to your industry, business or product and not just an “associated” phrase that can mean something completely different for the searcher.

Many of us know the perils of keyword stuffing and how it can impact the overall reader experience, not to mention that Google doesn’t look favourably on using keywords in a spamming like nature.

keyword research

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social media

5 Key Types Of User Engagement Data That Impact SEO

Most of us know that informative and engaging content is critical to SEO success. Content is the key ingredient of a blog or landing page. If people like what they are reading it will encourage more likes, shares, comments and overall engagement. The more engagement your website gets, the better it is for your online visibility.

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diy SEO

How to improve SEO for your WordPress website?

When you set up the website for your business, you probably used WordPress to do it. The original WordPress package already helps you to make a pretty decent website or blog, but there are also a heap of plugin options to suit your needs – and a lot of them are great for improving your SEO.

You can start with some of these to make your website more attractive and easy to use, but if you want your site to really make an impact you’ll need an expert to help you (especially if you aren’t an IT whiz or don’t really understand SEO).


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writing content

Why You Need To Be Making Long-Form Content for Your SEO and How

We all know that modern SEO needs content to be successful. You can’t rely on the same old tricks when search engines were first made, but need to make creative and original content for your SEO to thrive. But it’s important to wonder, and to question, how long should the content and blog posts that I write be?

However, it is important to understand that the word count in a blog post is only significant or useful if the content that is accompanying it is of excellent quality.

In other words, if you’re just going to inflate your word count to appear as if you’ve wrote a lot, then you’re going about it all wrong. Search engines like Google will dismiss you in a heartbeat, and you’ll find your rankings no better than before. All in all it would have been wasted time and effort.


A close look at relevant graphs and statistics

content writing stats

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SEO is dead

Is SEO dying?

It’s been a topic that’s been brought up and over and over. Some have claimed that SEO has already died several times. Others have even considered it an over the top version of beating a dead horse. Is SEO dead? And if not, is it dying? As search engines, especially monoliths such as the infamous Google begin to roll out updates that continue to develop the technological landscape.

SEO dead

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a Lead Generating Website

How to Build a Lead Generating Website

Generating leads is probably one of the main goals of your website. If you have a poorly designed website, this is probably being reflected in the amount of leads you get. There is the misconception these days that creating a lead generating website is both difficult and time consuming.

lead generations

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SEO checklist

7 On-Page SEO Rules Your Content Must Have

Writing content and a consistent stream of blogs is important for SEO success. Investing in your SEO strategy takes time and effort. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts when looking to boost SEO. Therefore, it’s important that when writing content for your website, you are also following best practice SEO rules to ensure your content is being correctly optimised, has the best foundation to increase SEO and your content writing efforts aren’t going to waste.

SEO Rules

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e-commerce security

Best Ways To Protect Your E-Commerce Website (And Customer Data)

Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in the amount of cyber-attacks, including breaches of private customer information. The most recent well-known cases include the hacking of a significant proportion of Yahoo! email accounts as well as the release of the identities many of Ashley Madison users. These two high profile cases show just how easy it can be for hackers to gain access to private information and just how much damage can truly be done.

cyber security

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Google penalty

Reasons Your Website Deserves To Receive A Penalty From Google

Google prides themselves in giving users the best possible experience. This means that Google only wants to showcase the best, most relevant websites on the first page.

Google cares about giving their users the best possible experience so much so that if you are found to be breaching the guidelines or twisting the rules, you are likely to receive a penalty. Google works continuously to improve their algorithm so that only the best of the best are highly visible.

shocked web developer

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SEO ranking

6 Easy SEO Fixes to Improve Your Ranking Quickly

When you think of SEO you usually don’t think of fast results. Most SEO strategies tend to take months before your website will start seeing results. However, luckily for you there are a couple of quick fixes that can improve your website’s performance faster than expected.

SEO preparation

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