The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing

Since its debut on October 29th, 2012, Snapchat has grown into a global phenomenon. After extending on the original app, which simply provided a photo sharing platform, where people could share their ‘snaps’ and feel confident that they were deleted immediately afterwards, Snapchat has become one of the leading social media apps in the world.

Taking into consideration the app’s insane popularity with its huge user-base, one may be excused for double taking when they hear that Snapchat was only invented 4 years ago. Snapchat is a huge player in the social media market and many businesses are starting to realise its potential.

guide to snapchat marketing

Snapchat is starting to dominate the social media industry.

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Instagram posts

Instagram Marketing Blunders You Need To Stop Making

You can no longer deny it; Instagram is an incredibly powerfully marketing tool. Statistica explains that there are now over 600 million active users. That is a whole lot of people! And what’s more? This figure is only expected to rise in the years to come. So if you aren’t on the Instagram train, you better hop on quick smart before it leaves!


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8 Golden Rules To Make Your Brand Loved On Social Media

Creating a well-liked social media presence isn’t always as simple as you think, especially with the sheer number of brands cluttering the market. It remains one of the most effective ways to deal with customers, and can result in positive profit turnarounds if done right. Boosting social content to reach out to more customers requires a careful strategy and careful planning for the best results.

boosting social content

Building a social media presence isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth it.

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patience is key in SEO

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

In an age of instant results where success is demanded yesterday, it appears as though the long game is a thing of the past. When money is put down for a project, there is an expectation that investment will yield immediate dividends, but reality is quite different when it comes to the domain of search engine optimisation (SEO).

The bottom line is that patience is key in SEO. The methods you will implement to obtain that number one ranking on Google for your particular niche will rely on a multitude of factors that revolve around keyword research, user-friendly compatibility, links, domain history and a range of other influences that will occur outside your control.

patience is key in SEO

SEO results certainly will take a long time.

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4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing SEO Results

The whole point of putting in the time, effort and resources into SEO is to see results. When you aren’t seeing results you think you deserve it can be extremely disappointing. You can begin to question the tactics you are using, if you are doing implementing them correctly.

When it comes to SEO, we should paint you a fairly common picture: so you have been doing SEO for a couple of months now but you aren’t seeing any real traction. Why exactly is that and is there anything you can do to turn it all around?

poor seo results

It can be very disappointing to not see the SEO results you deserve.

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number one page on search engines

The Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about driving your brand, your product or your message through digital means.  Whether it be a small corner store adjacent to the public school or a large multinational corporation that has annual turnover in the billions of dollars, the same principles apply.

The electronic channels made available to retailers and businesses have changed down the years. Whereas billboards, radio commercials and printed advertisements in newspapers were the go-to option, the Internet has forever flipped the power balance. This is not to say that those avenues are not valuable in the current climate, just that a business has to be more adaptable and present in more locations.

basics of digital marketing

How will you make the most of your digital marketing strategy.

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Is Google Spying On You?

Ever since the release of Google Panda update many people feel like that are being watched. Google is the most used Internet search browser in the world, and brings everything from YouTube and Gmail to Google Maps and Hangouts to you at the click of a few buttons. In fact, “googling it” has become almost synonymous with the way users search for anything these days, but is it really a good thing?

is google spying on you

Google could be spying on you right now!

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Why you Need to Include Images on Social Media

A picture is worth a thousand words. A quote worth a thousand articles on this very topic. There is no better way to describe the importance of visual imagery when trying to purvey anything from an event to a simple meal. Visual imagery is the very heart and soul of entertainment and it is easy to see why.

People like to be able to see clearly what the author of a work had in mind when they created it. While an eloquent description of a meal can arouse the senses in many ways, it will always fail to arouse the sense of sight.

different types of pictures

Having pictures on your business profile is a must.

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content and social media

Content is King in SEO, Why?

Put simply, content fulfills the requirements of search engine optimisation (SEO). Herein lies the underlying reason why content is king in the SEO world.

That is the reality that online marketers must realise, leaving the equation very simple:

There is no content of value without SEO and there is no SEO of value without content.

Those operations that manage to create, update and publish cutting edge content that keeps their readers, viewers or followers informed are ticking the right boxes. They are upholding a practice that has been mastered by the best in the business.

content is king in SEO

Content is certainly king when it comes to SEO.

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How To Improve Your SEO Rankings With Videos

Recent discussions around mobile revolutionising the Google search engine optimisation (SEO) market, have now paved way for the next big thing – videos. Videos make up a significant portion of all Internet traffic, and are expected to grow even further. In fact, video popularity has spread into the marketing world with more companies’ spending money on video advertising.

video content

Videos are a new and exciting way to help boost your SEO.

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