The Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are an essential component of SEO. Using the wrong keywords means that you aren’t giving the correct content to your desired audience. This results in less sales, traffic and consumers. There are now many keyword research tools which can be a great deal of help if you are struggling to think of the best keywords for your business. However, majority of these now services require payment which can put an unnecessary strain on your business budget.

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Predictions For The Future Of Social Media Marketing

We are past the halfway mark of 2016 and already there have been many significant changes in the dynamic of social media. These changes vary from Instagram’s significant re-shuffling of its newsfeed algorithm to Snapchat ensuring that its vertical videos have now become a social norm in advertising. There is still plenty more of 2016 to come and many social media marketers and businesses are speculating what the rest of the year holds. It is always hard to accurately predict the future; however it is important to have at least some idea of what might happen so you are able to successfully prepare.

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Increase Your Social Media Engagement

As you are probably all aware by now, social media is an exceptionally powerful tool to increase the coverage of your business. Nevertheless, advising your readers to simply follow your social media pages is no longer beneficial. There are many activities you could be preforming on your social media platforms and sometimes it can become overwhelming to understand what you should do to increase engagement.

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Do Hashtags Work on Facebook?

Many people have various opinions as to whether hashtags work on Facebook. Therefore, to achieve a well-rounded view on whether hashtags can work for you and your business it is important to first review the basics. Once you understand the basics, you will then be able to determine if hashtags will work for Facebook posts on your business page.

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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

The entire marketing scene has been forever changed with the introduction of social media and in 2016, implementing this method of marketing has become even more important. Social media plays a continuous role in shaping how people interact with each other and businesses. Therefore if you are not using social media as a method of marketing for your business you are already a step behind.

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Before Signing Up With an SEO Company

Have you received a cheap SEO offer from an SEO agency or does the offer sounds too good to be true? Discover some marketing tricks and don’t get caught!

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SEO vs PPC – The Differences

Many organisations today are realising the importance of an effective online marketing strategy, especially through the utilisation of search engines. There are two important search engine marketing strategies to consider when trying to drive traffic to your website; these are the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC or AdWords) advertising. The main difference between these being that SEO is free and organic, while PPC generates traffic that costs per click.

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Ten Funny Social Media Posts from Big Brands

Big brands (including McDonald’s, Old Spice and Oreo) now have an increased focus on creating humorous content on their various platforms of social media for their followers. This is because humour is a great way to get readers into a happy and positive mindset, which subsequently makes them easier to convert. Big Brands are also aware that if their post is funny it is more likely to be shared, liked and commented on.

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Ten Facebook Post Ideas That Will Increase Social Engagement

It can sometimes be difficult to ensure your followers are engaging with your Facebook posts. You might upload countless posts per day and still have low levels of social engagement.

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Facebook New Logo On The Apple Macbook Pro Screen That Is On Off

The Importance of Facebook for Businesses

Facebook is the most powerful social media network

Facebook remains the number one social media resource that is widely used across the globe. Millions of people use the network on a daily basis. Both the old and the young delight in using it. Companies, NGOs, and multinational firms also use the network to promote their products and services. Large, medium, and small businesses also use the media platform.

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