Before Signing Up With an SEO Company

Have you received a cheap SEO offer from an SEO agency or does the offer sounds too good to be true? Discover some marketing tricks and don’t get caught!

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SEO vs PPC – The Differences

Many organisations today are realising the importance of an effective online marketing strategy, especially through the utilisation of search engines. There are two important search engine marketing strategies to consider when trying to drive traffic to your website; these are the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC or AdWords) advertising. The main difference between these being that SEO is free and organic, while PPC generates traffic that costs per click.

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Ten Funny Social Media Posts from Big Brands

Big brands (including McDonald’s, Old Spice and Oreo) now have an increased focus on creating humorous content on their various platforms of social media for their followers. This is because humour is a great way to get readers into a happy and positive mindset, which subsequently makes them easier to convert. Big Brands are also aware that if their post is funny it is more likely to be shared, liked and commented on.

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Ten Facebook Post Ideas That Will Increase Social Engagement

It can sometimes be difficult to ensure your followers are engaging with your Facebook posts. You might upload countless posts per day and still have low levels of social engagement.

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The Importance of Facebook for Businesses

Facebook is the most powerful social media network

Facebook remains the number one social media resource that is widely used across the globe. Millions of people use the network on a daily basis. Both the old and the young delight in using it. Companies, NGOs, and multinational firms also use the network to promote their products and services. Large, medium, and small businesses also use the media platform.

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Twitter’s New Conversion Tracking Features

Do you have an ad campaign with Twitter?

Are you wondering what type of conversion your ad campaigns have? How do you know if your marketing event is working if you can’t read logs of what your ad campaign is causing consumers to do? Twitter has unveiled new features to do just that, including a program called transaction values and key conversion tags. Read more

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Reward Your Customers With Informative Blog Posts

Information is Power

KnowledgeWhen you have a business, you might wonder what you should do in order to add value for your customers. There are a number of ways you can do that, but one of the best ways is to provide your customers with informative blog posts that they can read on your website. Not only do informative blog posts add value to your site, but they also help you to add SEO to your web page as well. Read more