How to Create the Best Landing Pages

In its most basic sense, a landing page is a website page that any user clicks on. However, in terms of advertising and marketing, a landing page is usually referred to as a web page that is separate from your main home website.

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Landing pages are specifically designed for one particular objective. There are two common forms of landing pages; lead generation and click through. Read more

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How to Use Pinterest to Boost your Traffic and Sales

When you think of the big social media websites, you probably think of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To most people Pinterest doesn’t come to mind first. However, Pinterest is gaining popularity very fast and it is becoming a very powerful tool to assist in boosting your traffic and sales.

There are a few specific methods you should follow to ensure you are getting the most out of Pinterest.

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How to Protect Your Business’s Reputation on Social Media

Social media and the significant power it holds has rapidly changed the way people communicate with others. Social media has also allowed for business’s to extent their online presence and interact with consumers easier and faster.

However, social media can be very uncontrollable and businesses now are virtually unable to regulate what is being said about their brand. Social media does provide countless benefits to businesses, although they must be aware that as much as social media can help you, it can also just as easily bring your business down.


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Run from bad SEO companies

Common Signs of a Bad SEO Company

When researching for a SEO company it can sometimes be difficult to determine if the company will offer you high quality SEO. A company that doesn’t offer you quality SEO is likely to harm your business. Bad SEO can not only fail in increasing the traffic to your site, but it can even decrease the traffic and get your website banned from powerful search engine companies like Google.


SEO Ranking

There are a large variety of SEO companies to choose from, so it is understandable that it can be overwhelming. However, we have developed a list of common signs to assist you in determining if a company will offer you bad SEO services.

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5 Sure-Fire Tips to Make Your Content More Shareable

It is a given that your website needs to have quality content to help improve your SEO. However, getting your content shared is the important part. The content on your website needs to be of high quality and it also must remain fresh relevant at all times. This will ensure that users on your website are both entertained and informed.

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If your website visitors enjoy the content, they are more likely to share it and therefore there will be an increase in traffic. Read more

SEO types

What The Three Different Types of SEO Are?

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it involves developing strategies that assists in boosting your website’s (or blog’s) search engine ranking.

SEO differences and types


It is important to improve your search engine ranking because this ensures that you are easier to find. Read more

4 Ways Social Media Significantly Impacts SEO

You might not think it, but social media does indeed have important effects on SEO. The two are very connected and share the same ultimate goal for your business, to attract new consumers. Both social media and SEO are inbound and organic approaches.

The fact that social media is about creating quality content to ensure solid brand presence and visibility, enables SEO efforts to improve the total reache through social media. Many marketers will tell you that positive SEO for your business will also result in a better social media presence.

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5 Marketing Mistakes on Twitter You Should Avoid at All Costs

As many of you are aware, Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool. Many businesses use Twitter to help grow and establish their brand. There are many successful examples of brands using Twitter to their advantage.

However, there are also countless businesses that fall into the trap of Twitter and are unable to use this social media tool to their advantage.

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5 Best On-Page SEO Fundamentals for Beginners

Creating on-page SEO components for your business is now becoming an easier task. However, there are a lot of factors you can choose from and it can quickly become difficult to choose the best ones for your business’s website.

It is best to begin with the most basic and easy to implement components, and then work your way up as your website’s search engine ranking improves.

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Best Ways to Get the Most of Your Facebook Advertisements

These days if you want to achieve a higher level of quality followers on your Facebook page, then you are probably going to have to use Facebook advertisements.

However, because these advertisements cost money it is important to understand the best tips to ensure you get the most out of them.

Just simply creating an advertisement for Facebook without putting in the time, effort or research will ensure that they will perform poorly and you will essentially be wasting your money.

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