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A Decline in Facebook Page Likes

Successful Facebook Fan Pages

When you are a social media management professional, the number of likes on your Facebook page is important and needs to be as accurate as possible. Read more

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Reward Your Customers With Informative Blog Posts

Information is Power

KnowledgeWhen you have a business, you might wonder what you should do in order to add value for your customers. There are a number of ways you can do that, but one of the best ways is to provide your customers with informative blog posts that they can read on your website. Not only do informative blog posts add value to your site, but they also help you to add SEO to your web page as well. Read more


Five Tips to Writing Engaging Content

Writing Engaging Content – SEO Friendly Articles

When you are writing for search engine optimisation, you need to make sure the content you are writing is engaging. No matter how SEO-perfect the writing is, if the content is not engaging, people will not read it. You need readers in order for your blogs and other articles to be effective. This is why you want to make sure that you write the most engaging content possible. Anyone can do it, as long as they follow five simple tips. Read more

How to Use Hashtags on Your Social Media Network

How to Use Hashtags

You may have seen things online that start with the pound sign (#), commonly called a hashtag, and wondered what it means, and how to get in on the trend. Look no further. This post will answer all your questions about hashtags and help you to understand how to use hashtags to get more followers on your social media accounts.

hashtags Read more

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Why You Should Schedule Your Posts on Facebook

Scheduling Posts On Facebook

When you are managing your social media profiles, a good idea is to schedule your posts with a social media management application. You can download them either on your computer or via your smart phone or other device. It can help you to make a larger impact on your followers’ social media accounts.

Schedule Posts

Odd Hours
More and more people are online at odd hours. When you schedule your posts with a social networking management application, you can schedule your posts for any time during the day. That means you don’t have to be online to post information to your page, allowing you to be able to schedule posts late at night or early in the morning, when you are out of office. If you don’t have any applications, you can schedule your content manually, for example, on Facebook click Post and Schedule. Read more

Bing and Google searches

Are you bored with Google? Is Bing the New Google?

Rewarding Users for Search

searchIn the world of search engine optimisation, everyone is always trying to best Google’s algorithm, but is it possible that we’ve been focusing on one engine for far too long? Is Microsoft’s Bing the new and better search engine on the block? Are you missing customers because you aren’t focusing your SEO in terms of Bing and its algorithms? It is all entirely possible, because more and more users are using Bing for their search needs. Read more


Search Engine Optimisation Strategies That Work

Strategies for SEO Which Can Be Termed ‘Successful’

Search engines such as Yahoo and Google can now influence purchase decisions up to a staggering 88%, and to add to this, you have almost 80% of people searching typing words or phrases into search engines to help them with their search. This leads to them finding either you, or your competitor. It is known that over 75% of people using search engines don’t take the effort of looking past the first page. This proves that if you are not ranked in the first two pages, you stand to lose traffic, leading to a loss in your business. To make sure your business does not suffer due to the lack of SEO, you need to adopt strategies that work in your favour. Read more


Pay Attention to Search Engines Besides Google

Keep Producing Quality Content

qualityAnother thing many website owners fail to do when it comes to search engine optimization is to pay attention to all of the major search engine algorithms and not just to Google. Sure, Google is the most used search engine, but those other ones can lead potential customers to your website as well. That could mean modifying your website design, content or other issues to get those other search engines to recognize your site and list it in the top results on their search page.

One of the top things that have always been important in SEO is high-quality content, which means excellent, grammar-free articles that complement the niche you are in, along with high-quality photos, streaming videos, and other products. If you put garbage on your site and never update it, and the pictures are always fuzzy or inappropriate, you are not going to get any customers.

But, if you make your site the expert, go-to place for the latest and best information regarding your niche, then people will flock to your website, and you will remain in the top search engine results for potential customers. SEO Australia website owners need to be aware of this and always post the most high-quality, up-to-date articles, photos, videos and other content.

If you are not good at writing content or taking pictures yourself, then find someone who is, and get them to write or take pictures for you. You can find an inexpensive source of these types of talents at places online like elance, odesk, and Guru, which are websites listing jobs for talented writers, proofreaders, designers and more, at really good prices.


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How to optimize your Webpage for Semantic Search?

How to optimize your Webpage for Semantic Search

Semantic search helps provide accurate search results by understanding the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of the search terms keyed in. Semantic search lends itself well to research-based searches, where a user provides search terms related to an object about which he intends to gather information. In this case, there is no particular document the user is trying to get, but rather they go through a number of documents to gather the required information.

Semantic search has gathered much importance with the rise of Google. For any type and any scale of business, it has become imperative to have a soaring SEO (search engine optimization), which indirectly helps in being ranked better by search engines. It’s not merely by chance that a user gets 10 links as a result for a search term being looked up. Google, or for that matter any search engine, provides a user with higher-ranked websites as search results.

Below are some of the essential points one can incorporate to optimize their website for semantic search:

Mark Up your Website Properties

Google and Bing have chosen to use Schema.org semantic markup since 2001. The semantic markup lets these search engines determine specific properties of websites to make them lucid and easy to decipher. This means Google will be using the information in its knowledge graph combined with Schema.org markup while providing search results.

So one needs to determine what properties are to be marked up on their website such that it is presented in a relevant category by search engines. Once you determine what properties are to be marked up, you can visit Schema.org and search for your industry. For instance, if you are a bank, you can look up financial institutions. You can then find out what kind of properties can be marked up exactly.

Social Media Campaign also influences SEO

social mediaSemantic search, in addition to the marked-up properties, also uses updates on the social media platform to come up with search results. A widespread use of search engines has led to users utilizing search engines to look for personalized searches such as traffic updates, local bus terminals, transportation, etc. The use of social media updates is done more often in such cases, where a search engine needs to provide results for a user’s personalized search.

Use of Template Form

Google comes up with a new algorithm time and again to enhance its ability to understand the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning, so as to provide better results. With the latest algorithms that Google has come up with, it started using Form/Template-based queries to come up with relevant search results in real time.

The illustration of this is given in the figures below. Figures 3 and 4 are to be compared to an example of Google search.

In the above illustration, a template is used to form a query about flights from location 1 to location 2. Hence, if your business is in tourism or another transport-based industry, then you would make sure to include that destination on your website to ensure your website comes up as a result to a users query.

Maintain synergy

To make sure your SEO surges with semantic search, it is necessary to maintain a synergy. Take, for instance, the fact that even though your website may be optimized for semantic-based markup properties, a weak media platform would hurt your strategy. A coordinated and multifaceted strategy would work better and help you garner better SEO. A combination of Social, SEO, SEM, and Semantic Web or Semantic Computing will definitely help you multiply traffic to your website.



Paid traffic vs. SEO traffic in 2014

The most important survival tool for any business in this stiff world of competition is to generate and maximize profit. There is one and only one way to go about it, which is to get more customers to know about your products and services. Conventional advertisement is still effective and being immensely put into use all over the world. However, with the advent of the internet, over the last decade, the whole concept of advertisement has changed. These days, you as a businessman can reach people located in any corner of the world. All you need to do is make your company and its details available over the internet.

Now that you know how to make your p Read more