Avoid Black Hat Methods for Social Media and SEO

Black Hat Social Media & SEO – What You Need to Know

Black hat social media is one of the upcoming ugly aspects of online spamming in the SEO market. It has the capacity to affect social media networks and their users adversely.


Black hat SEO vs. black hat social media

black hatActually, the term “black hat SEO” refers to the incessant use of cheap but aggressive techniques that focus more on search engines rather than the human audience. Such techniques or strategies don’t usually follow the normal search engine procedures, yet they often increase search engine rankings. Nevertheless, the end results usually turn sour after a while.

“White hat SEO,” on the other hand, is the right approach that follows stipulated search engine guidelines. It often takes some time to yield the desired result.

Just like black hat SEO, the term “black hat social media” refers to the habit of using aggressive and non-approved methods to run social media platforms for the purpose of generating personal gain.


Typical instances of black hat social media

Black hat social media can be seen in several ways. Given below are typical instances:

  • Buying fake Facebook followers
  • Buying fake Facebook likes
  • Buying fake Facebook subscribers
  • Buying fake Twitter followers
  • Buying fake YouTube subscribers
  • Sharing dangerous hyperlinks
  • Following new social media accounts with a malicious program
  • Creating multiple fake social media profiles with the purpose of attracting more traffic
  • Using fake social media profiles to generate comments and likes
  • Using fake social media profiles to share information
  • Publishing negative reviews on social media pages belonging to competitors
  • Writing positive reviews to promote one’s site or products on social media

The list goes on that way. Any online social media activity that doesn’t follow stipulated guidelines falls under the “black hat social media” category.


Dangers of black hat social media

dangersThere are dangers associated with black hat social media. Actually, most people who indulge in the habit do get quick SEO results at the initial stages. However, they end up losing everything after some time.

It’s quite possible to destroy the good reputation of a social media profile when black hat approaches are engaged more often. The profile may become corrupted and notorious after a while.

There’s also the possibility of attracting penalties from popular search engines when black hat strategies are discovered. The website involved as well as the social media profile might be shut down entirely.


The bottom line

Having seen the dangers associated with black hat social media and black hat SEO, it’s important to go for the right approach when thinking of generating lasting results. The process might take longer, but success is assured at the end. White hat SEO methods still remain the best option. The process might be very cumbersome, but the end results are usually very great.

Black hat social media is the use of aggressive and non-approved methods in carrying out SEO processes on social media. The habit can be very dangerous and disastrous when someone indulges in it.