Three Tips for a Better SEO Ranking

Most internet users look towards Google to help them to find what they are looking for. It is also well known that most users don’t look past the first page of results that Google produces. That is why it is important that your website is on the first page of Google. However, this can be difficult to achieve as there is now ample information about how to improve your SEO ranking and it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. It is important to pick a few components to focus on and excel in those areas.

 SEO Ranking

1. SSL Certificates

SSL is used to ensure data transfers are secure when website users enter any kind of sensitive information. If you want to guarantee your customers that their information is secure; a SSL Certificate is the most trustworthy form. Google has stated that an SSL Certificate is the easiest way a website can increase its SEO ranking. However, there are three different SSL Certificates available and it is important to choose the correct one for your business.

SSL certificate

The three different SSL Certificates are:

  • Organisationally Validated (OV) SSL Certificates – This certificate guarantees the validity of your website by confirming that your business is legitimate. This is particularly useful if the users of your website must give sensitive information including credit card details.
  • Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates – This is similar to OV, however there is a less rigorous procedure and you are likely to have this certificate faster. This certificate is useful if your website is not accepting sensitive consumer data.
  • Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificates – This is the newest type of certificate. It obeys the certification rules established by top web browser vendors and Certificate Authorities. This is the best type of certificate as the process is more thorough and the criteria for acceptance are harder. Therefore, when your website holds this certificate, users (and Google) know it is the safest website.


google SSL

Google itself has OV and/ or DV Certificates. Notice the padlock and the green ‘https’.


At SEO Shark we have EV Certificate. This includes the green box which gives our visitors a visual assurance of security in addition to the padlock and green ‘https’.

website mobile friendly test2. Ensure your website is mobile friendly

Last year Google began penalising websites that weren’t mobile optimised. They were penalised by Google pushing their ranking down. Therefore, if you haven’t optimised your website for use on a mobile phone, you are already well behind. Even if you weren’t going to be penalised by Google it is still important to have a mobile friendly website because more and more users are accessing the internet through their smartphones. When a website is not mobile optimised it effects consumer experience and conversion. You can check if your website is mobile friendly here.

3. Improve your website’s speed

Your website’s speed is a significant factor for Google in determining the SEO rankings. When there are two similar websites, the site with the faster speed is likely to rank higher than the site with the slower speed. When your website is able to load faster, users are more likely to stay for longer and visit more than just the first page they were directed to. A faster website is also known to create additional conversions. But how can you actually improve your website’s speed? There are a few key actions that once completed can dramatically change the speed of your website. Removing excessive Java Script files and large photographs is a good start. Also, switching to a faster hosting provider can increase your website’s speed.

Fast speed website

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