The Best Social Media Tools to Boost Your Business

You can’t build a home without a hammer and a few nails, right? Well maybe you can…but it’s going to be incredibly difficult and complicated. Wouldn’t you prefer to make things as simple as possible for yourself and get it done effectively and accurately?

Building a business is much the same as this, in that you will often need the help of tools that have been put in place to help you get the most you can out of every asset for your company.​

social media tools

You need tools to help you when it comes to social media.

Like a well-built house, your company and its marketing assets are what will foster every idea, every innovation and every creation that you can imagine. Having the right tools for the job is essential. This is especially the case when you hope to market your business online using social media as a platform.

From simply creating and publishing content to the daunting task of managing analytics and reporting, it can be exceedingly overwhelming to think of all of the jobs that social media marketers are tasked with completing each and every day.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of absolutely amazing social media management tools available to help you complete every one of these tasks with the greatest of ease. These tools improve your marketing online through a wide variety of things, some of which include:

  • Streamlining your workflow
  • Helping you save some time
  • Ensure your content reaches the right audience, at the right time
social media tools

The tools listed will help make social media easy!

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is. But sometimes creating the perfect social media post can seem challenging. On top of the tools listed below, make sure you have a read of a previous blog I wrote about how you can create the best social media post.

So let’s get cracking! Here are 9 tools that should help you kick-start your business online:

Tool #1: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an amazing little online tool that allows team members to monitor when customers mention things on social media that may be of interest and engage with brand advocates.

As well as this, you can schedule when content will be posted in advance. This means you can “set it and forget it”, and utilise the reporting functions, which will allow you to gather data that will assist in future marketing strategies.

Being that Sprout Social includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more, it is one of the most suitable applications to use if you want to be able to keep track of all your social media posts and the engagement they generate in one spot.

social media tools

This tool allows you to keep track of mentions.

As well as this, it includes things like ZenDesk, UserVoice, and Salesforce to give you the opportunity to better manage your customer relations, support, interactions between team members and customers and business relationships.

All from the same single dashboard!

One of Sprout Social’s most impressive features is their smart inbox, which gathers any important messages you have and alerts you in a single stream, saving you tons of time in having to search every single inbox in order to answer each customer’s questions and concerns.

You can also set ‘keywords’ and ‘brand alerts’ to appear in your smart inbox, making it a million times simpler to incorporate them into your existing workflow. The tool is all about saving you time. And isn’t that some all business owners need?

Tool #2: Nuvi

social media icons

This tools allows you to see real-time statistics.

Have you ever wished you could see a real-time record of your social media statistics so that you can analyse them and use the information to further drive your post engagement? Well Nuvi has you covered.

With a simple to use interface and smooth navigation, Nuvi provides users data on all social media websites that the user assigns to it and simplifies every bit of its data recordings and monitoring so that business people can focus on shaping their social media strategy.

Tool #3: Canva

engaging images for social media

This tools helps you create more engaging images for your social media posts.

Anyone who’s ever tried to build a business (especially when doing it from the ground up) has dealt with a huge obstacle in the road that takes the shape of *drum roll*…artistic image design. Who can blame a business person for finding it difficult to create a decent image to represent their company? We are business people; not art graduates.

This is exactly why Canva has created an amazing godsend of a service which is here to do exactly this job for you.

Making it easy for ANYONE to create lavish images and incredible designs, Canva features multiple, fully customisable templates and a drag-and-drop editor, which gives even the most unartistic paddle-pop stick both the means and the ability to create stunning visual art content for sharing on social media.

Tool #4: Adobe Spark

social media video tool

This tool can even help you create the perfect videos for social media.

Yet another god-sent, almost magical tool that all business people will, have or currently need at some point, Adobe Spark presents users with the perfect grounds to create a multitude of digital art-forms from even the most basic of ideas.

Things such as graphics, web stories and animated videos are a few of the services on offer from Adobe Sparks that will have your business flourishing in no time. Sparks simplifies these processes by almost dumbing it down so that creatives and non-creatives alike can benefit and create beautiful, engaging media in sheer minutes for sharing on all kinds of social media.

If this peaks your interest, then it may be also worth noting that Sparks features three iOS apps that will allow you to create all this on the go.

Tool #5: Grammarly

social media posts

This tool keeps your posts error free!

You may have heard of Grammarly before and if so, you should absolutely be already using it. Why? Because this wonder-tool is what autocorrect wishes it was. As an English language-based writing platform that super-checks your work to ensure that it is completely grammatically and punctually correct.

Grammarly’s proofreading and plagiarism detection resources check over 250 grammar rules in order to deliver you a clean, beautiful piece of work that even the most highly ranked grammar-nazis of the internet won’t be able to beat.

Tool #6: BuzzSumo

popular talking topics

This tool helps you find the most popular topics to talk about.

Now that your content is nice and polished, how about you juice it up a little more by featuring information from topics that are currently trending around the web, which will quickly and effectively bring you more traffic and engagement with your content.

BuzzSumo provides data on some of the highest-ranking content, and allows you to look at the details of people who have shared, liked, or in any form shown interest in the content. This will help you identify and connect with new influences on the web, which easily attracts a much larger ‘crowd’ to your website.

Easily one of the very best tools to help you determine what is trending for any topic or keyword, BuzzSumo will have you knocking your competition out of the ring faster than you can say the name of your company.

Tool #7:

content creation tool

This tool helps you with content creation

Content creation is certainly a difficult task. There is a million things to consider when doing so; whether it be your target audience, the topic at hand, simply getting the wording right or any number of other things.

Well once again, someone else knows your struggles and has provided a service that will wipe away any difficulties you may be having. takes all of the work out of curating content and hand-creates content for you based on your audience’s exact interests and sends to your buffer account instantaneously.

For anyone struggling with content creation and keeping up with posting schedules, could be the difference between success and failure.

Tool #8: Post Planner

Now HERE is something to peak your interest. Many people often feel as though social media marketing is not an exact science, but rather a random flurry of social interaction and memes. Well Post Planner claims otherwise!

social media tool

This tool helps you identify the best content suited for your audience base.

Claiming to apply science to social media and content, Post Planner seeks to identify the absolute best content suited for your audience base. Any user can explore Post Planner’s recommended feeds and discover new content, and its algorithms will measure data from all previous posts in order to predict the future engagement of posts and help shape social media marketing strategies.

It is obvious why this would be useful. Of course social media has got a science to it; it is literally a digitalisation of our day-to-day interactions. Anyone with the right knowledge can manipulate it to their heart’s content.

Tool #9: MeetEdgar

Something not many people know about but everyone who has experience with online marketing and/or SEO management has heard referenced is the term “evergreen content”. This is a form of content that takes its name from the ornamental trees many countries use to decorate their homes at Christmas.

Much like the evergreen trees, which do not shed their leaves, and are capable of sustaining their own life, evergreen content acts much the same. Staying relevant through time is very difficult, particularly on the online playing field, where memes, posts, ads, comments, videos, etc. are just waiting to create new relevance and drive your content into the dark abyss of last week’s newsfeed.

Evergreen content is content that stays relevant despite the constant clutter of things that come to surface on the internet. MeetEdgar is here to ensure that exactly that happens.

social media network

This tool helps to keep your content relevant for longer.

MeetEdgar aims to keep your evergreen content not only relevant, but also fresh as it re-shares and redistributes your posts to all of your social media accounts in order to generate interest in older content.

If you are seeking to work online, MeetEdgar is something you may certainly need in the near future as online marketing and staying relevant becomes more and more difficult by the day.

In Summary

Though you have the tools available to get stuck into some serious online marketing exploration, you may need just a little more encouragement to use them. Did you know that there is only a very small percentage of businesses that start up online and successfully manage to remain both relevant and useful to their customers?

At the exact same time as you are trying to build your client base, you likely have multiple other people just waiting to compete for the exact same target audience you are seeking. Yes, your business may be unique, however it is only relevant if you can manage to build up the reputation it needs to make a difference in the lives of all of your customers.

In order to do this, it is definitely a MUST that you take advantage of every tool at your disposal and keep on top of your game. Every tool in this list is here for your benefit! All you need to do is use them to increase your business’ online presence.

social media tools

With these tools on your side, you can take social media to the next level.

Remember that online marketing is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Not for you. Let your opposition figure it out for themselves while they scramble to complete half the tasks you’ll be able to manage quickly with these tools at your disposal.

If that isn’t enough encouragement to give these amazing applications and tools a try, then how about just for the fact that watching them work is really quite amazing. You can have a single app do double the work of someone you would have to hire for that particular job.

Not only that but in the palm of your hand, you can do the jobs of 10 people and more just with a few clicks, taps and presses! If that isn’t incentive enough to try out these amazing little tools, we don’t know what is!

Good luck with your endeavours! Now that you have the right tools for the job, there should be no limits to how high you can build your business.

If you found this article useful, shoot us some feedback! We would love to hear back from you. Know any tools that we missed? Let us know as well and we will be sure to include them should we touch upon this topic again!

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