5 Best On-Page SEO Fundamentals for Beginners

Creating on-page SEO components for your business is now becoming an easier task. However, there are a lot of factors you can choose from and it can quickly become difficult to choose the best ones for your business’s website.

It is best to begin with the most basic and easy to implement components, and then work your way up as your website’s search engine ranking improves.

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SEO fundamentals for beginners

2. Use Title Tags

This is one of the most vital on-page search engine ranking factors. This is because it gives Google a very strong signal about the relevance of your title tags and keywords.

meta title

Using title tags helps search engines to understand what the topic of your page is and therefore assesses the relevance to a search made by an individual. If you want to properly optimise your title tag, you must ensure that that your keyword such as "SEO Agency Sydney" is at the beginning.

2. Use Meta Descriptions

Research has shown that many individuals forget to include Meta description in the websites pages. Related keywords are important to include in Meta descriptions because these keywords are imputed into search engines by consumers and relevant results are shown.

meta description

For example, if a consumer searched the keywords “news”, the best Meta description for that website would contain those keywords, i.e. “Breaking News from….”.


3. Body Tags

When producing the content for your website, it is likely that you will break it up into different sections (and under different headings). This means you are able to use Heading 1, 2, 3, etc. tags.

Like when creating a word document with different headings, Heading 1 is usually for the main page tag, and then the next sub heading is Heading 2 and if you are including another sub heading it will be Heading 3 and so on.

When you create keywords in the headings it shows Google that you are placing a certain level of priority in those words.

4. URL

It is important to include keywords in the URL as this sends another message to Google that your webpage is relevant to what an individual is searching and this would therefore improve your website’s SEO rank.

custom url

When producing the URL, the keywords will be placed after the .com (or .com.au). For example, when looking at the social media packages on offer on our website (www.seoshark.com.au), the new URL is www.seoshark.com.au/social-media-packages/.

5. Content

Not only should you be writing as much content as possible, but the actual quality of the content should be of a high standard. The amount of your content does affect search engine rankings as it shows a more detailed view on the topic you are writing about.

Google’s main priority is to ensure that their results are of high quality and relevance, therefore producing a larger amount of content will help improve your rankings.


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