The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

The entire marketing scene has been forever changed with the introduction of social media and in 2016, implementing this method of marketing has become even more important. Social media plays a continuous role in shaping how people interact with each other and businesses. Therefore if you are not using social media as a method of marketing for your business you are already a step behind.

Social media benefits

The seven most important benefits are listed below and it is explained why social media marketing is important for businesses:

Conversion for social media1. Increased opportunities for customer conversion

Every post you distribute on any social media site is another opportunity for consumers to convert to your business. As you gradually build a following on your social media accounts, you will eventually receive access to new, old and recent consumers. Every interaction is a chance for your consumers to respond and this response has the potential to lead to consumers visiting your website and possibly converting to your brand. It is important to note that not every interaction will result in a conversion. However, every positive contact with a consumer increases the chances of a conversion over time.

branding business2. Increase of brand recognition

Explained simply, your social media networks are fresh channels for the voice and content of your brand. These new channels are imperative as it guarantees that your business is easier to find and therefore increasing brand recognition. Also, it ensures the brand is more accessible for new customers.

 3. Cost efficiency

It is a well-known fact that there is no cost in creating a personal profile on many of the social media platforms (and the same goes for business profiles as well). Businesses are increasingly using social media to market their brand because of the expense savings. Engaging a potential consumer on social media has no expense other than time. Advertising campaigns on social media sites, including Facebook, can be more cost efficient than typical advertising methods. For example, you can invest in the pay-per-click ads on Facebook to only target users in your desired area. This has potential to increase the ROI as people in other non-desired areas would not be able to see the ad and click on it.

4. The power

Digital media marketing allows for you to gain valued information about your customers’ interests and how they behave. This is performed through social listening as you will be able to monitor user comments and therefore understand how people view your business. One of the biggest advantages is that you are able to segment the content based on topics and therefore develop an understanding which types of content generate the most interest. Through social media platforms you will also be able to measure the amount of conversions based on the different content posted.

Website traffic 5. Improved inbound traffic

When not using the variety of social media platforms available, the inbound traffic for your business is likely to be limited to those who are familiar with the brand. All the social media profiles you create are an additional path which can lead consumers back to your website. The higher the quality of your content on social media platforms, the higher the incoming traffic you are likely to generate.

6. Improved search engine rankings

SEO is the most effective method to gain all the relevant traffic from search engines. However, the rules for success are ever-changing and it is simply no longer sufficient to frequently update your websites blog, ensure optimised title tags and hand out links directing users back to your website. Search engines, including Google, are likely to be computing their rankings by using your presence on social media as a substantial factor. Therefore, being continuously online on social media may be a sign to search engines operators that your business is trustworthy and legitimate.

7.  Enhance company trustworthiness

Social media channels are positive marketing tools, especially in terms of increasing your company trustworthiness. By continuously communicating with your consumers through social media, you should eventually become a trusted source of information. This makes trust a great asset when creating brand awareness and credibility.