Become a contributor at SEO Shark!

From time to time, we get inquiries regarding guest blogging at SEO Shark.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for SEO Shark, please read on and we’ll let you know what we are looking for and how the process works.

Before you submit your writing:

Read our writing guidelines carefully and follow them exactly to make sure that we can post your contribution. Our style is designed to make your post as readable and shareable as possible. The rules might seem rigid, but this is because we need to protect our own brand and reputation, as well as wanting your article to be widely read and enjoyed.

Our formatting rules:

  • Use subheadings in addition to your title in order to help readers make sense of the article.
  • When writing lists, use bullet points unless items take up more than a paragraph – in that case use numbers.
  • Paragraphs should be 2-3 lines in length – 4 is the maximum.
  • Link to a reputable source when you cite statistics.

Other guidelines to follow:

Originality: we will run all content through plagiarism detection software, and non-original writing will not be published.

Linking: links must be used purely as a reference for readers, so that they can follow up on any facts they find interesting. Unnecessary and irrelevant links will be removed. A do-follow link to your website will be placed in the BIO section.

Informative and Instructional: The SEO Shark blog is designed for readers to stay up to date with SEO developments, as well as provide instruction in how to carry out SEO related activities. Contributions that are not both informative and instructional will not be published.

Verifiable: a link to the source must be provided for all statistics (if multiple statistics come from the same source, only one link is required). Any information that would not be considered common knowledge must also be linked back to a reputable source.

Promotions: we do not accept promotional content. The goal of the article should be to provide information and instruction based on your experience and knowledge, not to promote a business.

Length: we require a minimum length of 2,000 words; however we prefer content 2,500 words (it has more value for search engines).

Standards: we require all writing to be of a high quality and to have already been proofread. Our editing job is to make sure that your style fits with ours, not to correct your spelling and grammar – if we find mistakes in your submission, we will just send it back.

Editing: we will edit your contribution before we publish it. We may make minor changes to improve readability for our audience; however if your article requires substantive changes we will send it back to you for revision. We will normally review your work within a week of submission.

Publishing: once the piece has been accepted and edited we will publish it under your name on our website. Before your first submission is made public we will ask for a picture and a short paragraph from you describing your expertise and qualifications – this will be posted at the bottom of your article.

Where to submit your guest post?

We will publish your post within 5 days. If you don’t hear anything from us within 5 days, it means that your post has been rejected (it might not meet the above requirements).