Why your business needs to be on Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook

likeAt this particular moment, most people have some  knowledge about what Facebook is and how it works. Those who are not perfectly aware might have at least heard of it. Facebook is a very popular social networking site that was originally set up for college students in order to keep them connected with each other. Around four hundred million users are connected to Facebook across the globe. Facebook has become a widely accepted component of social media strategy. It is essential for the development of your business and can provide it an unmatched boost.

Below are a few reasons showing what Facebook is and how it has become a necessary ingredient of social media strategy of any business concern.


The popularity of Facebook is reaching the sky and according to an estimate it has the most number of users (five hundred million worldwide) as of mid 2010 of any social network. Irrespective of your niche, Facebook provides your business the opportunity to access a massive group of people. The number of USA users is 100 million out of the total number of users worldwide.

Active Users:

Having a large number of users is important, but having a huge number of active users is something completely different. Facebook is a very lively social networking site having great numbers of regular visitors. It is reported that more than fifty percent of its users sign in on a daily basis or at least once in a day. Another astonishing fact is related to the time spent by the users there.  According to an estimate, its users spend 8.33 billion free hours each month, which is quite a big number. People spend a lot of time using Facebook, which is a very good sign for companies seeking the publicity of their brand through this social media platform.

Central Hub for online content:

Facebook Connect has permitted the Facebook experience to get incorporated with almost 80,000 sites, which means that this particular site acts a central hub for online content. It is widely used to divert the traffic towards other sites. It provides a very strong boost, if someone is looking to publicize its content worldwide.

Content Sharing:

Facebook provides an opportunity to share your content with ease. Multimedia material can also be shared. By just adding the multimedia to your Newsfeed, it will be visible to your friends and fans.

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Interact with customers.

Facebook provides a very strong forum for advertisers to get in touch with their regular customers on a continuous basis. It will provide an opportunity to establish strong relationships and a direct platform to address their wants and needs. Facebook also enhances the circle of fans effortlessly because if any fan likes your material there, it can be made available to the Newsfeed of his entire friends list.


Facebook is a two way information flow platform, where advertisers share their material and then get immediate feedback. Even a little activity on your business page will be shown to every one of your followers. This may help in improving visibility and also enables you to make necessary adjustments. Constructive criticism can be healthy and valuable.  Smooth and frequent correspondence between interacting parties creates strong healthy relationships.

Targeted advertising:

Facebook provides targeted advertising and allows advertisers to select only the users having specific interests and hobbies. In contrast to other conventional advertising system, Facebook focuses on target based strategies which is more effective. This will make your advertising campaign operational and enables you to get a significant amount of traffic to your website.

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