Common Signs of a Bad SEO Company

When researching for a SEO company it can sometimes be difficult to determine if the company will offer you high quality SEO. A company that doesn’t offer you quality SEO is likely to harm your business. Bad SEO can not only fail in increasing the traffic to your site, but it can even decrease the traffic and get your website banned from powerful search engine companies like Google.


SEO Ranking

There are a large variety of SEO companies to choose from, so it is understandable that it can be overwhelming. However, we have developed a list of common signs to assist you in determining if a company will offer you bad SEO services.

Top 3 common signs of a bad SEO company

1. Free Trials

Good quality SEO takes a significant amount of time and effort from the SEO company. It requires so much effort that it is very unlikely that they will offer their services for free (even if it is just for a small amount of time).

Free SEO Services

Bad SEO companies will try to suck you into a long term contract by offering a free trial. These types of companies will also ask for your information so they can access to the back of your website for the free trial.

This means, once the free trial is over and you no longer want to use their service, they will still have access to your website.

scam SEO2. Guaranteed Rank

In SEO nothing is guaranteed and nothing is for certain. This is because the algorithms for the search engines are constantly changing and no one truly knows what those algorithms are.

Therefore, there is nothing an SEO business can do that will guarantee firs page of Google rank. It is important to remember that it will take time to see an improvement with your ranking.

However, with a good SEO company, you can be assured that these results are sustainable.

3. They Won’t Tell You Their Methods

If a SEO company doesn’t tell you their methods then they are probably using black hat strategies to attempt to improve your SEO. SEO companies that use black hat methods use strategies that are frowned upon or aren’t allowed by search engines.

This method is likely to show you fast results, however, they are almost always unsustainable. You are responsible for all the work a SEO business does for your website, therefore it is important that you know and understand what they are doing.

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