Trouble Getting Backlinks to Your Website? Try These Solutions!

It’s no secret that search engine optimisation is one of the best ways for business owners to get a flood of targeted traffic to their websites. If you are trying to get the most from your business and want SEO to get the job done, you will need to earn backlinks to your content.

The most helpful and valuable articles on the internet won’t do you any good if nobody links to them, but getting quality backlinks can seem like a mystery. Fortunately, you can encourage reputable domains to provide you with plenty of links as long as you follow a proven plan, and doing so is not as hard as you think.

get powerful backlinks

Backlinks are an essential component of off-page SEO.

Let’s take a look below at some of the ways you can get more quality backlinks to your website:

Offer Discounts to Students

If you have researched SEO strategies, you already know that many people disagree on the value of .edu backlinks. While some experts believe that links from educational domains are worth more than links from standard sources, others say that it makes no difference.

We can all agree, however, that most .edu domains have been around for a while and have a lot of authority in the eyes of Google, so getting links from them won’t hurt. If you have a product or service that can benefit high school or college students, give them a discount.

You can then reach out to schools in your area and let them know about your offer, and many of them will link to your website in their resources section.

Find Broken Links

Most reputable websites link to other sites to support their claims, but webmasters and bloggers won’t always have time to ensure that all of the links on their websites are still relevant.

It’s not uncommon for resources to disappear from the web, leaving broken links on countless websites, and you can take advantage of that fact. Start by making a list of websites and blogs related to your industry.

You can then use a Google Chrome plugin that will detect and display broken links, saving you a lot of time. The next step involves creating content on your website that covers the topic of the broken links.

Reach out to the bloggers and site owners to let them know about the broken links, and you can suggest that they link to your website. Because broken links can make any website look outdated, many people will gladly accept your offer.

Offer Testimonials

researched SEO strategies

Offering your testimonial to another business is a great way to earn a backlink.

Most website owners know that testimonials work. You may want to practice a little generosity here. Find a great business with a successful website to boot and offer to do a testimonial.

Be sure to give something that builds some value for the site owner. What will you get in return? You will get more online exposure. You will also get a high-quality backlink that directs the website’s visitors to your site.

Suppose you were doing the SEO audit of your website and you were using the free tools provided by a website. You completed the audit and after optimising your website you were able to get more traffic. It is time to give back. You may offer to create a compelling testimonial for such a website.

When sending your testimonial, do not make the mistake of asking the site owner to use it on their site. If you do that, they will know your offer is more about you than them. Just focus on the thoughts and feelings you have towards their business. And hope for the best. You might end up getting a call from them asking if you mind their putting it on their site.

Submit Guest Posts

Although it is an old tactic about which most people already know, guest posting is still an excellent way to get powerful backlinks to your website. Bloggers often have trouble keeping up with the latest trends and crafting fresh content on a regular basis.

You can contact bloggers in your market and offer to provide them with guest posts, and a lot of them will agree to publish your content. Each post that gets accepted will improve your backlink effort and give you a quick boost in traffic.

There are several ways to find the blogs/ websites. You may initiate with some of the useful Google parameters to find them. In Google search bar, type:

  1. inurl:blog + Your Keyword
  2. write for us + Your Keyword
  3. guest post + Your Keyword
  4. + Your Keyword (Country Specific)

Promote Your Content

Having a ton of amazing content on your website or blog won’t make much of a difference if nobody knows about it. When you craft useful articles that can provide value to your audience, you will need to get the ball rolling.

Facebook, pay-per-click advertising and banner ads are just a few of the methods that you can use when your goal is to get your content in front of the right people. If your content is unique and engaging, people will start linking to it, and these backlinks are some of the best because they are natural.

get powerful backlinks

Ensure your content is promoted constantly (and that it is actually worthy of promotion!).

Some other platforms that are trending are Instagram and Snap Chat. You can create a small video related to your content. Add it to your Instagram and Snapchat timeline with a link to your article. You can also use the newly added “Swipe Up” option in the Instagram stories and redirect your followers to your article on the website.

You can also go for email marketing for your content. Build up a small story about the article with some catchy graphics and ask the prospects to click on your article link to read the full story.

If you have created a large content, then you can go for dividing the content into pieces and promote it separately on your social media channels. You can even create E-book of some of your best content and sell it for free to your website visitors.

Make Your Articles Captivating

When people want solutions to the problems they have been facing, they could easily go to the local library and pick up a textbook that covers the topic in detail. But people don’t want to read boring textbooks, and you can apply this lesson to the content you produce.

If you can take complex or dull topics and make them simple and interesting, you will get more backlinks than you can handle. Breaking your paragraphs into small sections will help, but you should also add images to your articles.

Adding graphics is something that you should not neglect. It helps in engaging your readers to stay on your website and read the full article. Studies have proved that adding infographics, images and videos in the article helps in making the content more successful. Humans are considered visual beings, and we grab more attention to the things that are colourful or catchy.

To find out the topics that are interesting to your target audience, you can go for researching their needs. You can understand the type of searches that they make; you can look for the queries that they might be having regarding your product/ service.

You can even make use of Google Analytics to see what kind of content has grabbed more impressions in the past and you can create something similar to it.

Use a headline that tells them just enough to make them want to learn a little more, and your opening sentence should define your target audience, letting them know that they have come to the right place.

Focus on Google’s Needs

researched SEO strategies

If you meet Google’s needs, you are on a winning formula!

Many business owners have learned the hard way that Google changes its ranking system on occasion. In past updates, many websites that depended on Google for all of their traffic lost their positions on the first page of the search results, causing them to fail overnight.

Although we can never predict what Google will do in the future, we know that the search giant wants to provide relevant content to its users. If you avoid taking shortcuts and write with Google’s users in mind, you won’t need to worry about getting penalised.

Rather than building all of your backlinks at one time, generate them slowly over the coming weeks, months and years. When you want to maintain your SEO rank, you can search for your targeted keywords on Google and review the first 10 pages that show up. Ask yourself what those pages are missing or how you can create content that is even better, and you will go far.

Final Thoughts

Backlinks are an essential part of any search engine optimisation strategy but are not always easy to earn. The tips in this guide will simplify the process and allow you to get quality links without stress, and you will be pleased with the results. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice improvements in your SEO rank right away because this approach focuses on your long-term profitability.

As long as you produce quality content, promote your articles and keep your eye on the prize, you will grow your business by boosting your content to the No. 1 page of Google and the other search engines.

What do you think about these solutions provided? Will you use these tactics to help boost your backlink profile? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear what you have to say and if you have any other backlinking suggestions.

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