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How to avoid accidentally using black hat SEO

The ultimate goal of any company employing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques is to ascend the search engine ranking ladder. However, not every type of SEO will achieve this, at least in the long-term. There is good practice and bad practice; otherwise known as white hat and black hat SEO. The distinction between white hat […]

What you need to know about Google’s algorithm and your website

For many, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex aspect of digital marketing that is constantly changing. Whilst the latter is true, the core concepts and trends underpinning SEO are quite easy to understand with some basic study. One thing that continues to perplex business owners is Google’s indexing algorithm. Considering the fact that Google […]

5 ways to get social media working for your business

You are probably already well aware of social media marketing and its general concept. If you are a business owner I would go so far as to say that your business also probably active on at least one platform of social media (and if not, then you should change that quick smart!). Social media marketing […]

9 Tips on how to write a headline that will drive more traffic to your website

As kids we are told not to judge a book by its cover. However, we all know it is always a lot more tempting to pick up the exciting, colourful book with the awesome pictures on it, then the plain stock-standard book. This is the same for headlines. May it be for your blog posts […]

The move from tactical to strategic SEO

SEO is ever-evolving and in previous years many thought of SEO as a tactical approach to reaching your goals. However, times have changed and now if you truly want to improve your rankings then your thoughts have to be strategic. Tom ByrneAs a content writer, Tom is tasked with creating original written content for clients. […]

Reasons why Google hates your website

Tom ByrneAs a content writer, Tom is tasked with creating original written content for clients. From his experience in designing blog content and landing pages, Tom has developed a passion for digital marketing campaigns, particularly the use of social media in building brand capabilities. Tom enjoys research and keeping up to date with current news […]

Best Cyber-Security Tips for Businesses

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is important to ensure that all information on your website is kept safe and encrypted. If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate, you should do it as soon as possible. However, there are also a few other factors that can be implemented to ensure that your website is safer […]

Ways to take your SEO to the next level

SEO and the best strategies to develop it have certainly evolved dramatically over the past few years. The traditional methods are no longer as effective as they were in the past and there are now new, more effective ways to apply SEO to your business. These days, more and more businesses understand the importance of […]

4 Reasons why you should be running SEO and PPC simultaneously

Many businesses seem to use two completely different strategies when approaching SEO and PPC. However, this is certainly not the best tactic as SEO and PPC complement each other and they work very well together. While running an SEO and a PPC campaign simultaneously it creates a more successful overall strategy. Each campaign helps and […]

How SEO has changed in the past decade

SEO is an ever-evolving strategy that is impacted by numerous different factors. Like most things, the past decade has seen some significant changes in SEO. Google’s constant changing of its algorithm means that the tactics used in search engine optimisation must also change. In order to run a successful SEO campaign, you must be able to […]