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Google Maps update allows businesses to edit their listings in IOS app

Google Maps has been updated on IOS to allow businesses to edit the information in their listings without needing to leave the app. This is helpful if you are looking at your own listing in Google Maps and notice an inaccuracy that could be damaging to your business. Sarah RobinsonSarah is the head of guest […]

SEO tips for mobile app marketing

It is no longer acceptable for a brand to avoid the boom of the mobile app explosion. In 2018, smartphone use continues to accelerate and the applications that are installed are a direct function and result of that increase. Companies that market themselves as industry experts and innovators in their field like to speak a […]

How to perform basic SEO on a budget

While SEO is a very effective digital marketing effort to get your website set up for the future it can be a costly investment. Many small business owners are hesitant to get started due to how much it can cost and them simply not having the capital to get it started. It may be true […]

4 SEO trends that will impact digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is arguably one of the most important factors for businesses today. The process of digital marketing encompasses SEO strategies which help people to find websites. Essentially, the better your digital marketing and SEO strategy is, the higher your website will rank on Google’s search and therefore more people will visit your website. Sarah […]

Basic steps to improve the quality of your digital content

It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to digital content, and there are 2 very important things to keep in mind when publishing online… You need to sell to internet users, and You need sell to search engines Sarah RobinsonSarah is the head of guest posts outreach and an SEO expert at SEO Shark. […]

3 simple SEO tips for beginners

If you are a small business owner and looking to get started with SEO you may have been a bit overwhelmed with all of the information and resources available out there. It is easy to get confused especially if you are reading something that is full of jargon and not very beginner friendly. Sarah RobinsonSarah […]

SEO tips to improve your online awareness in 2019

A New Year brings on New Year’s resolutions for business owners to get their brand and website out their more and start bringing in more profits. An effective way to accomplish this goal is through SEO where you can boost your online presence by being more visible to those who are searching for relevant terms. […]

Why SEO is so beneficial for any eCommerce business

The eCommerce industry has seen some exciting changes in 2018 and has provided some great prospects looking forward. Electronic commerce refers to the commercial transactions carried out over electronic networks, predominantly the internet. What’s so great about it at this point in time? Sarah RobinsonSarah is the head of guest posts outreach and an SEO […]

How SEO might look 10 years from now

The changeable and erratic nature of SEO makes for a multidimensional, unstable, and complex practice. It is a market in which the rewards are greatest for those brands which are able to keep pace with evolving paradigms and adapt and employ the latest techniques and technology. We live in a world that is constantly predicting […]

Best ways to get your Google search engine listing to stand out

In SEO, one of the main achievements is getting your website to the first page of Google. This is because once there, your website will be more visible and could result in higher traffic to your website and higher conversion rates. However, once your website takes a position on the first page of Google, you […]