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How to Best Run SEO and Social Media Campaigns Simultaneously

One of the ways your search engine ranking is determined is by the amount of times your article is shared. If an article is simply liked or retweeted, those signals aren’t counted towards ranking in search engine algorithms. In order to ensure that articles are shared on social media, it is critically important to include […]

Why Businesses Should Be On LinkedIn?

Business to business is often far more lucrative than business to consumer services. Business to business targets professionals who are in charge of budgets, and often business owners are far more definitive of what their needs and goals are. Even in so far as health and wellness service providers, they can have a presence on […]

The 8 Best Content Marketing Tools You Need To Be Using

Content marketing is quickly becoming more effective and thus more popular than traditional methods. Writing meaningful and engaging content for your business to distribute is vitally important in staying relevant, especially in crowded markets. This form of marketing not only drives traffic but creates a better relationship with customers who value your business as being […]

Why Do People Like Memes on Social Media?

Few would have ever considered the idea of adding text to an image as something that would spawn a 21st Century phenomenon. Simply by taking a picture out of context, the meme was born. Whether by accident or design, there is no question that it has become one of the most sharable pieces of content […]

Does Video Content Help Your SEO?

Video marketing can have an incredible effect on your enterprise. While it should not completely dominate a campaign’s message or aesthetic, the use of video fits in neatly to the requirements of search engine optimisation (SEO). Put simply: video content does help your SEO. The rules and conditions to which search engines like Google operate […]

Awesome SEO Tips and Tools for 2018

A fresh new year means a fresh new approach to search engine optimisation. Any expert will tell you that SEO is a constantly evolving part of digital marketing and the passage of time simply means that there’s more to learn. Search engines are learning too, and probably much faster than we can. The algorithms behind […]

Does Your Business Need to be on Facebook?

For those of you who are sitting on the fence about marketing a business on Facebook, there is some bad news to digest. Not only is there already a myriad of businesses creating, building and profiting off the social media network, but they are doing so without diverting any crucial resources. To make matters worse, […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Title Tags And Headings

A central aspect to the search engine optimisation (SEO) game is the ability to generate title tags and headings that work. On the surface they might appear like neat little descriptions that help the user find you, but they are so much more critical than that. What these manage to do is boost your keyword […]

Unbelievable Facts That Prove The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something that can be dismissed out of hand. There is an ignorance, a naivety and a misunderstanding about its role in a marketing context by certain demographics. However, even those who study the field intimately will admit that it is not all encompassing. Traditional forms of marketing like print […]

Best Ways to Stay Ahead in Mobile Marketing

The first major adjustment businesses had to cater to was switching towards the online world. To the traditional marketers, that was a shock to the system. Yet there is so much more complexity when it comes to the digital forms out there. In this respect, mobile has to sit atop the tree. To drive conversions […]