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Is Google Spying On You?

Ever since the release of Google Panda update many people feel like that are being watched. Google is the most used Internet search browser in the world, and brings everything from YouTube and Gmail to Google Maps and Hangouts to you at the click of a few buttons. In fact, “googling it” has become almost synonymous […]

Why PR needs to be part of your SEO strategy

When people think of SEO, normally terms such as digital marketing or tech savvy come to mind. However, SEO is no longer just something that code specialists do. A part of getting your website optimised is to ensure your content is influencing your reader, is getting placed in the right online spaces and involves a […]

Instagram Marketing Blunders You Need To Stop Making

You can no longer deny it; Instagram is an incredibly powerfully marketing tool. Statistica explains that there are now over 600 million active users. That is a whole lot of people! And what’s more? This figure is only expected to rise in the years to come. So if you aren’t on the Instagram train, you […]

How to use Google Analytics to Improve your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing campaigns, analytics and the ability to track your results is crucial. Without clear tracking, we don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Tracking is crucial not just for analysing your previous or current strategy, but your next strategy moving forward. When we can rule out the components of a campaign […]

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Content Go Further For SEO

Think about all the content you’ve put together for your website and blog over the years. From landing pages to social posts to infograhics, businesses can spend a lot of time and effort in generating content to improve their SEO, as well as to deliver advice driven and valuable information to their audience.

How to Boost Traffic On Your Website

Boosting traffic on your website is a straightforward process. Google will make note of the number of visitors to your site, and it will increase in search rankings. In order to analyse the efforts you put into increasing the flow of traffic to your website, ensure that a metrics logger is embedded into the code […]

Getting on the First Page of Google

On page optimisation is the main step in getting onto the first page of Google. When a site is designed from the ground up, with user experience design in mind, it takes into account how to best integrate how a person will use the site, and how search engines will index it. Starting with research […]

How To Create The Best Headline For SEO

Google tends to reward articles that rank high on the social sharing agenda. This means that when you are writing headlines, they need to be ones that will be caught up and become viral on social media. For people to engage with your content, it has to be useful, newsworthy, sensational and compelling. Buzz-worthy headlines […]

How Google Updates Impact SEO

SEO companies integrate both writers and coders in order to boost the results of a page in search engine rankings. Google uses an artificial intelligence engine, Hummingbird, which not only provides results relevant to keywords, but looks for the intent in the search query, returning relevant content. There are also a latest number of developments […]

Back to Basics: Top 6 Things Your SEO Strategy Needs

Every business requires a solid SEO strategy that will enable a steady, yet measurably exponential growth. Bearing that in mind, making the choice to move into using an SEO strategy is one of the wisest choices any modern business owner can make if they want to build a more loyal and broad customer base. As […]