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Best ways to find a great writer for your website

Every business looking to make their mark online requires high quality content that cuts through the vast marketplace. Be that video, social media marketing, promotions and tricks to garner visibility, the central objective is to create calls to action where visitors become regular guests, subscribers or paid customers. To reach that point, there is a […]

Best Ways To Ensure Your Conversions Are Optimised

The longer a customer has known about you, the more likely they are to buy from you and commit to ongoing regular purchases. Coca Cola, McDonalds, Virgin and other cult brands have pushed themselves deeply into the minds of consumers that there is an automatic trust implicit in them. When consumers go to buy and […]

Tips for Deploying the Best Mobile Strategy

A lot of businesses are responding to the need to design mobile sites as Google has introduced the mobile first index. Google is changing its search indexing to reflect the needs of end users, and where most searches come from. The majority of end users search for queries on their mobiles, so the mobile first […]

Why You Should Localise Your SEO Strategy

Localising your SEO is an incredibly powerful tool. It helps to bring customers to you at the exact time that they are wanting to buy a particular product, and if they are in your area then they will be looking to buy a product or service from you when they are at the stage of […]

SEO and Google myths that will never die

In any field of work there are a number of industry myths or fables that become perpetuated and believed by a large amount of people. These inaccuracies aren’t just harmless matters of opinion but work to promote methodologies that are detrimental to productivity. The world of SEO and Google search results is no different in […]

Why are meta tags so important for SEO?

Meta tags are the key elements of a website’s HTML code that describe the content of a page. For search engines this is part of what they index when they crawl a website. They are not normally seen by users as they do not appear in the actual content of the webpage. However, they are […]

Banned from Google? Tips to get your website ranked again

When carrying out SEO it’s important to always be aware of the many black hat tactics that are frowned on by Google. When a website is caught using these bad optimisation practises they are normally issued with a penalty. The search engine giant does this to punish websites for carrying out bad practises and to […]

The beginner’s guide to link building

Link building or URL sharing is one of the most talked about tactics in search engine optimisation. Over the years the theory and methodologies behind it have changed in response to indexing algorithms placing different values on it. Kieran HealyKieran is the Social Media Manager and SEO Expert at SEO Shark. He is an expert […]

WordPress tools that are vital for SEO

Search engines are now a major marketing channel for businesses attempting to get as much traffic to their sites as possible. Not only is the internet and social media one of, if not the, biggest sources of information for the consumer in the present world but data also shows that a notable majority of people […]

The basics of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a business’s dream as it solves customer’s problems and keeps them engaged without the need for propaganda and other attention seeking initiatives. Understanding inbound marketing is the first step to being able to implement it. There are a lot of things to get your head around in order to truly master the […]