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In house versus using an agency for SEO

When a company decides they need to focus on their SEO the first question that they have to ask themselves is if they are going to perform the services themselves in house or if they are going to go with a third party agency. Each scenario has their own merits and drawbacks so it is […]

How to choose the right keywords for your PPC campaign

When you do your keyword research at the start of a PPC campaign there a number of different factors to consider – and they aren’t always the same things you look at for SEO purposes. The key differences between the two techniques means that your focus can be slightly different for PPC strategies, although there […]

How big companies should be using SEO

You’re probably thinking that the big corporations have it pretty easy. They have all the resources in the world, experienced individuals in all the important positions, an established brand name and a competitive advantage. Why would the big conglomerates need SEO? The fact of the matter is all companies, regardless of their size and status […]

Common mistakes people make when backlinking for SEO

Backlinks have always been valuable for SEO, but as Google has started to punish websites that have low quality links they have become harder to get. Webmasters are becoming cautious of accepting guest posts and are more and more commonly requiring all links to be nofollowed – no matter how relevant or useful the link […]

It’s time to move on from old SEO strategies

SEO tactics change over time as Google and other search engines update their algorithms, as it becomes harder and harder to “game” the system to get quick results. A number of old techniques are either useless or outright counter-productive now. Kieran HealyKieran is the Social Media Manager and SEO Expert at SEO Shark. He is […]

How a small business can be competitive using SEO

A small business is at a massive disadvantage when there is a big multinational company in the same industry. You will have a much lower budget for advertising and marketing yourself, as well as less ability to absorb losses due to increased competition or price wars. One place where you can still get yourself noticed, […]

How to use keywords in your landing page

The point of writing landing pages is to optimise them for keywords that people are searching for. In terms of efficiency it’s best to get a few different keywords targeted for each page, particularly when the words or phrases are very common, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Falling into the […]

Important facts about search engine algorithms

The algorithms that are updated by the leading search engines are far more than just the small print on the Google terms and conditions. By and large, they help to define how you as an online marketer should operate, because failing to follow the rules and guidelines will make you almost invisible to potential visitors. […]

How SEO translates to better online conversions

What is the point of undertaking a lengthy and taxing search engine optimisation (SEO) process if the sales conversions do not follow? If we break down the very essence of marketing, it is the capacity to score the best possible return on conversions from the resources you have available. Boosting your ranking on Google is […]

Signs that your SEO campaign is dying – and how to resurrect it

A search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is hard work. Should your brand be searching for a quick fix, then this is not the avenue you should be exploring. It happens to be the best means of scoring high volumes of traffic and being a viable online entity long-term, a fact that entices any organisation with […]