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Unbelievable Facts That Prove The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something that can be dismissed out of hand. There is an ignorance, a naivety and a misunderstanding about its role in a marketing context by certain demographics. However, even those who study the field intimately will admit that it is not all encompassing. Traditional forms of marketing like print […]

Mobile and SEO: Everything you Need to Know

Gone are the days when phones were used for just phone calls and text messages. Each and every smartphone device now has to be thought about as a portal to a domain, an app and a social media account. All of these elements are overlapping and investing in one part means overseeing an entire operation. […]

Why Do People Like Memes on Social Media?

Few would have ever considered the idea of adding text to an image as something that would spawn a 21st Century phenomenon. Simply by taking a picture out of context, the meme was born. Whether by accident or design, there is no question that it has become one of the most sharable pieces of content […]

Does Video Content Help Your SEO?

Video marketing can have an incredible effect on your enterprise. While it should not completely dominate a campaign’s message or aesthetic, the use of video fits in neatly to the requirements of search engine optimisation (SEO). Put simply: video content does help your SEO. The rules and conditions to which search engines like Google operate […]

Does Your Business Need to be on Facebook?

For those of you who are sitting on the fence about marketing a business on Facebook, there is some bad news to digest. Not only is there already a myriad of businesses creating, building and profiting off the social media network, but they are doing so without diverting any crucial resources. To make matters worse, […]

The Benefits of Localised SEO

Try and develop a successful SEO campaign for your business without a local focus and see where you end up. Spoiler alert – it will not be far. This is the reality in which the digital trend has shifted, somehow transitioning a technological advancement that makes the globe smaller, but manages to reintroduce people to […]

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

In an age of instant results where success is demanded yesterday, it appears as though the long game is a thing of the past. When money is put down for a project, there is an expectation that investment will yield immediate dividends, but reality is quite different when it comes to the domain of search […]