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A brief guide to managing your SEO expectations

When you start a digital marketing campaign you may have a goal and an ETA in mind. This is pretty standard with any plan you have put into motion as you will be expecting certain types of results at certain points along the campaign. However SEO is one of those campaigns that differs greatly as […]

4 things effective social media marketing campaigns need

An impactful social media marketing campaign needs a variety of elements to work harmoniously. For the inexperienced digital marketer, this can sometimes prove to be a challenging task, especially if resources are limited. Many people underestimate the power of social network outreach, acknowledging that it’s “better than nothing” but not really taking it as seriously […]

How to convince your boss that SEO is important

SEO (search engine optimisation) is still quite a young discipline when compared with the history of marketing as a whole. This relative infancy leads a large number of business leaders to be sceptical of SEO simply because they don’t understand its clear benefit for their organisation. James RussellAs our marketing manager, James takes on the […]

How to optimise your article titles without using clickbait tactics

When it comes to SEO, content marketing forms a big chunk of the necessary strategy for a lot of websites. This is because Google’s algorithm gives higher rankings to websites that are associated with high-quality, relevant and useful content that its users can enjoy. A big part of creating successful SEO content is to ensure […]

Essential SEO tips to remember in 2019

It’s a new year and that means new trends and strategies to take into consideration as part of your SEO efforts. While SEO hasn’t been completely revolutionised over the holiday period, it’s still worth getting a refresher on what is currently working best for SEO practitioners. James RussellAs our marketing manager, James takes on the […]

What is evergreen content and how can you use it?

Because of the constant forward momentum of the internet and of society in general, most of us understand that our web pages won’t be forever relevant. However, there are exceptions to this, and these web pages are known as being ‘evergreen’. Rather than have your webpages only be effective in driving traffic for a short […]

3 tips to enhance the SEO performance of your business blog

If you are reading this, it is likely you already understand the SEO utility of frequently posting blog articles on your businesses’ website. It’s a great way to show Google that you’re actively engaged with your customers and your industry, making you more authoritative and giving you a better chance of ranking high in relevant […]

The golden rules of good SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can seem incredibly complex to the uninitiated, especially since the experts will tell you that it’s a constantly changing discipline that demands a great deal of flexibility from practitioners. However, while the effectiveness of individual tactics and strategies can vary depending on updates to search engine algorithms, there is still general […]

Basic skills every new digital marketer needs to be successful

Digital marketing is a complex field that requires a great deal of study, training and experience in order to be successful in. Because this discipline is intrinsically tied to technology, commonly accepted and widely used strategies employed by digital marketers are liable to change seemingly overnight with little to no warning. This forces practitioners who […]

The influence that social media has on SEO

The two worlds of search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media started out as completely separate entities. One was a key tool utilised to drive traffic to websites through clever and canny techniques that only the smartest of professionals could master. The other was social media. Yet as the passing of time has occurred, there […]