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SEO myths: Domain age is a crucial ranking signal

In the world of SEO, determining the difference between causation and correlation is a source of confusion for many. It’s entirely possible to enjoy a boost in Google’s rankings without having a clear picture of which specific tactics influenced the algorithm – instead, all of the work you have done has correlated with other factors […]

How to get your business to show up on Google first

Are you wondering how to get your business to show up on Google first? If you’re a business owner, then it makes perfect sense why you would want to ensure your website appears above your competitors in the search results for the goods and or services you provide. Since the rise of search engines, the […]

Facebook considering ad-free subscription model

The idea of a paid subscription to Facebook has been discussed for a long time, although the prompts for this conversation have varied over the years. When Facebook first broke onto the scene, it was a long time before it became profitable as a business model and for all that time people feared being asked […]

Facebook unveils new marketplace for discovering influencers

With the rise of influencer based marketing, social media giant Facebook is trying to source new ways of attracting influential online creators and opinion leaders to their platform. Facebook is now developing a fresh platform to serve as an influencer marketplace that would enable marketers to connect with influencers that are relevant to their brand. […]

The most crucial metrics in recording SEO

The majority of marketers today are equipped with general online knowledge and skills to get the basics done. They might not be experts in the field who can master all of the opportunities at their disposal, but they can tick enough boxes to justify their existence and build something of worth for a brand looking […]

The most common SEO mistakes that websites are still making

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving to meet new trends in technology and audience behaviour. Businesses worldwide are quickly realising that, love it or hate it, SEO is essential to ensuring the visibility of your brand in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Naturally, as more people adopt SEO practises the rate […]

How engagement with social media helps SEO

How does social media engagement help your SEO? With Google’s ever-changing and secretive algorithm and the fast-paced nature of web content today, search engine optimisation is a tricky game to get your head around. There are many factors which determine the ranking of your content on search engine results so it’s important to consider all […]

Which social media platforms most influence SEO?

Social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) have been strange bedfellows in the past. One was viewed as a genuine science that integrated thousands of complicated algorithms to determine page results, while the other was a fun means of sharing and promoting content. As online marketers examine new and improved ways to score views, clicks […]

Black-hat SEO strategies to avoid in 2018

We all want to improve our search engine optimisation (SEO) performance to boost Google rankings right now. In the cut-throat world of business, it is those brands that show initiative that rise up the ladder the fastest and in doing so, collect the major dividends. Companies are constantly told to update their material and be […]

How to use SEO to increase engagement with your site

The practice of search engine optimisation (SEO) is always viewed through the lens of the user. In this respect, the objective activity of increasing traffic and brand visibility is a very subjective past-time, shaping campaigns based off the preconceptions from the online marketer in charge of driving engagement with the project. This direction will sit […]